CMDR Jermus Karlsen
Freelancer / Explorer
Type-6 Transporter
Credit Balance
603,159 Cr
Registered ship name
Overall assets
4,380,734 Cr


20 Mar 3303
Jermus Karlsen /
New Job: Prospector

I have a new job! I am now a prospector for the Rock Research Ring. How does it work? Well basically you fly into asteroid belts and planetary rings and determine what materials can be gathered there. I was drawn to this job by reading the local bulletin board at Jaques Station. The job does not pay well, but you are allowed to sell all materials mined during the prospecting operation, and that...

18 Mar 3303
Jermus Karlsen /

I'm now mining outside the resource extraction sites.

There's a lot less pirates over there, but I don't know whether I can find the good stuff there

16 Mar 3303
Jermus Karlsen /

They stole my refined ore! They stole my precious metals. And the lowlifes were just waiting there behind some asteroids waiting for my cargo hold to become full!

If I ever find out who is responsible for this kind of low-life behavior history might repeat itself!

15 Mar 3303
Jermus Karlsen /

I've bought an Adder today and rigged it up for mining.

04 Mar 3303
Jermus Karlsen /
My First Milliion!

I made it! The goal I have set myself to reach before even thinking of allowing myself to return to LHS 3447 has been reached! I have got 1,000,000 credits! :D (a bit more, but with this amount of money I can disregard that as small change... :P) I don't think I will return as yet already. I haven't seen all systems in the neighborhood. I think there is still plenty to do around here. Maybe...

26 Feb 3303
Jermus Karlsen /

Initial trade is going fine, it is good to be your own boss :). Making money is fairly easy, at least for now. There are some risks to trading and doing missions here, but so far nothing that I could not handle. I have been subject to some interdiction attempts, but I could easily escape them. One faction offered me a reward to eliminate the commander following me, but I declined. I first want to...

25 Feb 3303
Jermus Karlsen /
Jaques Station

I have arrived at Jaques Station! I had no exploration data to sell, but I did bring my Galactic Travel Guide. I don't need that guide anymore, so I've sold it off. Surprisingly it was worth quite some credits! I have added what I made on the travel guide to my "Colonia Seed Money" and I think I can safely show my face again in the vicinity of the LHS 3447 system when I have made at least...

18 Feb 3303
Jermus Karlsen /
Polo Harbour

The last milestone before arriving in Colonia! I have reached Polo Harbour. The landing went quite smooth despite (still) not having flight assist. An I have developed some sort of routine in jumping: 5 jumps, then fuel scoop. Sometimes the views while scooping are unbeatable :)

11 Feb 3303
Jermus Karlsen /
Gagarin Gate

Travel is going extremely well. Today I arrived at Gagarin Gate. Only approximately 8000 Ly to Colonia (7864 as the photon flies). I am starting to contemplate on what to do when I'm in Colonia. Having a ship and being an independent pilot is one, but the ship requires maintenance and I'd like to eat and drink at regular intervals and that doesn't come for free. What can I do to make a living...

10 Feb 3303
Jermus Karlsen /
Sacaqawea Space Port

I arrived at Sacawawea Space Port, and somehow I am no longer surprised to be greeted by Compatriot Delilah William :) I had some local engineer take a last look at my Sidewinder. Besides some scowling looks on how I refitted the wiring and the panels all seemed to be OK. Still no flight assist though...

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