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18 Dec 3302
Doc Lentz /
Journey home pt 1

::COMMANDERS LOG 3302/12/18::

I know I haven't kept up with these lately. A lot has been going back at home and constant holocalls kept me.from making any progress these past couple days. A long with the Artemis needing a good mechanic after this trip, she's starting to have a few issues. Needless to say I need to get to Binet as soon as possible so I can get home and sort this shit out. Managed a couple thousand li...

<System failure powering down > <reserve power online> <audio log active>
Are you fucking serious. Fucking perfect timing fucking asshole fuck you you fucking piece of shit system. You get that for audio log flunking price up chit.
<Voice too far from recorder please move closer commander>
Hug up horde asp you crick liking (inaudible).....(inaudible)...Flag you fucking piece of shit just shut the fucking recording system off dumb fucking AI system I'm replacing your fucking shit ass as soon as we get the fuck back. I said shut down fu...

<Audio log offline>
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