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26 Dec 3302
Doc Lentz /
Journey home pt 2

::COMMANDERS LOG 3302/12/26::

It's been a while since I did one of these, mainly because the systems on the Artemis are fucking up, last one I did the systems completely shut down on me and I've been more focused on getting back home. Still cannot log exploration data and my personal logs are being transferred from my data slate. Yesterday was Christmas so I spent most of the day on holocalls with my family did me good to see my wife and to watch my daughter open her presents. Just as I'm starting to calm I realize my AFMU is empty, fucking grand. So glad I have 4.5k ly left until I set foot in a station and get an actual mechanic I trust working on the Artemis' systems. Launched a small drone to take a look around the ship, to say she's worst for wear is an understatement. Poor girl needs some major TLC. Anyways, I am going to go down and see what all I can do to keep her running since AMFUs are depleted then time to bunk down only to get this last leg of my journey over with. No rest for the wicked, or so they say.

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