CMDR LtEvildead
Explorer / Bounty hunter
Credit Balance
180,827,107 Cr
Registered ship name
Pixel Bandits Security Force
Overall assets
1,226,443,577 Cr


22 Mar 3303
LtEvildead /
Return to the Bubble - Neto, Ising Vision Station

Mission Log, SOL date 21/03/3303. It has been exactly one month since i began my journey but now i have returned home. The last 4000+ LY were not that eventful and i had started to stop scanning each system on each jump and did mostly honk, scoop and jump. I have now arrived back in PBSF space in Neto at Ising Vision and began the long assessment of my ship logs. This being my first long journey...

20 Mar 3303
LtEvildead /
To the Bubble - The Long Journey Home

Mission Log, SOL date 20/03/3303. It has been 9 days since my last transmission. I am still alive.  I spent some time repairing all my modules after my close encounter with Sag A.  But all is well. During the last 9 days I stopped off at The Great Annihilator Black Hole this was spectacular, the gravitational lensing of this black hole are just amazing.  They appear to warp space itself from...

11 Mar 3303
LtEvildead /
Journey to SAG A - Arrival

Mission Log, SOL date 10/03/3303. I have only 2900ly to go, so i set off to complete this journey tonight. I have decided to continue to honk and scan on all systems as i pass through them but will only stop to scan the planets if they are water worlds or another Earth like or an exceptionally beautiful looking system. I have cleared off 1000ly again and the clock has struck forward to the next...

07 Mar 3303
LtEvildead /
Journey to Sag A - The Beautiful Discoveries

Mission Log, SOL date 07/03/3303. I have taken it easy the last few days, slowly making my way further into the core knocking off a thousand light years hear and there. It's just so beautiful out here I'm so tempted to just explore as much of the core as possible. Plotted another 1000ly route and started to feel really tired before the end of it. Three jumps left to go and I needed a strong...

05 Mar 3303
LtEvildead /
Journey to Sag A - 7900LY To Go

Mission Log, SOL Date 04/03/3303.

Not much to say this leg of the journey, I continue to push forward into the beautiful void of space. I managed to knock of about 1500ly today and found a decent amount of water worlds and many many high metal content worlds.

Still hoping for that Earth like world find, just one would do.

CMDR LtEvildead, out.

03 Mar 3303
LtEvildead /
Onwards to Sag A

Mission Log, SOL Date 03/03/3303. I have had a good few days rest after my long journey to Jacques Station in Colonia, what a beautiful spot this station has docked at. But the time for rest is up, so after taking a quick visit at Colonia hub, I decided the time has come to continue on to my next destination. Sag A. (Super Massive Black Hole) in the centre of our Galaxy. I have covered 2000Ly...

01 Mar 3303
LtEvildead /
Arrived at Colonia!!!

Mission Log, SOL Date 01/03/3303. The last two nights have been uneventful. I managed to knock off 2000ly more. However tonight I made the big push, honk and jump, honk then jump. S.I.Newton was running hot but I made it.  I made it to Colonia, Jaques Station. Stopped of by the NAV Beacon first to obtain all stellar details then went on to the station. Always wanted to see those huge...

26 Feb 3303
LtEvildead /
Journey to Colonia - Counting Down the Light Years

Mission Log, SOL Date 26/02/3303. I have left Polo Harbour now and making a direct route to Colonia. I sold a little of my data at Polo Harbour just to increase my rank with the Colonia Council and all of a sudden my treatment has been improved after the last impounding incident. I am now counting down the light years on my journey and with only 3804ly left to go I can smell the end. I will...

26 Feb 3303
LtEvildead /
Journey to Colonia - Arriving at Polo Harbour

Mission Log, SOL Date 25/02/3303. My journey this leg was uneventful again i'm flying too late and feeling tired. Nothing a large pot of Fujin tea won't fix. I decided to also dig out the archives and watch some videos from the still booming YouTube service. Back in the 21st Century they had many internet stars so tonight i watched a mix of ObsidianAnt and CMDR Josh Hawkins videos. that kept...

25 Feb 3303
LtEvildead /
Journey to Colonia - Data troubles and major ship repairs

Mission Log, SOL Date 24/02/3303. A mission to Colonia without any troubles would have been very shocking. I took every precaution before leaving the bubble to ensure I have a safe journey, heat sinks equipped, AFMs in stock and making sure to slow down out of every jump so as to not run into a star or black hole. But the one thing I didn't account for was the stupidity of Colonia Officials. I...