CMDR Baba_Ghannoush
Trader / Explorer
Edmund Mahon
Credit Balance
20,591,392 Cr
Registered ship name
Overall assets
557,935,830 Cr

Logbook entry

14 Jan 3303
Baba_Ghannoush /
Alien Shipwreck

Ship's Log:
Classification: For Authorized Eyes Only
Encryption Protocol: Aleph-2801

I've finally arrived at HIP 17403. After a short surface scan I triangulated the position reported for the shipwrecks and descended into the darkness of a natural crevice on planet A 4 A's surface. As I neared the surface, my ship lights cast a ghostly glow over the rocks and dry, dead earth. Slowly, I could make out the shape of something unlike anything I'd seen before. Twisted, contorted wreckage of a vehicle no man could possible have conceived of, let alone built. Out of the crash site, if one can even call it that, emanated a feeling of dread such as I had never felt before, a lump of ice forming in the pit of my stomach. The scans showed that there was nobody around, and at this moment, hundreds of light years from anybody, how I wish there had been. To have a living, breathing being of my own kind would have offered a peace of mind from the monstrous construction that lay before me. It's shape defied my eyes with its strange, alien contours. My scanners were running optimally, but I could make out the faint sound of clicking. Without notice, my ship AI informed me that we were being scanned, from several sources! It could only have been from the wreckage, or from the unknown artefacts strewn around it.

Even more terrifying was the sight of several human ships, ships that I could recognize, clustered around this beast of a device. What power could have brought them down like this? I shuddered at the thought, for there, before my eyes, and illuminated by the light of my lone SRV, was the twisted and burnt wreckage of several ships, Anaconda's and Type-9's. Whatever had happened here was quick and unexpected, and the pilots had little time to react. Amidst the debris I found the broken down remains of an SRV. There was no sign of the Commanders who had been on this mission, though their cargo remained untouched. I found several Unknown Probes and proceeded to collect samples. I've heard there is a Professor in Maia who has been collecting these.

I've come back to my ship to type up my log, such was the feeling of exposure and insecurity I felt as I manoeuvred my flimsy SRV through the darkness of this crash. Even here, in the familiar surroundings of my ship's cabin, I feel uncomfortable. Something happened here, something terrifying, and there is a sense of dread that lingers like the stench of a newly dug up corpse. I must leave here, head back to a system, any system, lose myself in the willing arms of a woman, and drink myself into a stupor. To feel alive. To shake away this sense of death, this cloying scent of horror that seeps into my ship and attaches itself to my heart. I am leaving now.

Commander Baba Ghannoush, over and out.
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