CMDR Borggy
Explorer / Mechanic
Asp Explorer
Felicia Winters
Credit Balance
60,039,137 Cr
Registered ship name
Travellers Dream
The Explorer's Consortium
Overall assets
76,185,537 Cr

Logbook entry

21 Mar 3303
Borggy /
The Expanse

The Colonia Expanse is filled with wonders, I've been surveying the neutron stars nearby, and black holes. I also scanned a few of those rare carbon stars, S class, MS class- those types. Their are few in the vicinity, 800ly or so...could be more closer but I found ones which are just 800-1000ly away, give or take.

Ughh, what I do for Universal Cartographics! and the Pilots close yet so far from that "Elite" title- accomplishment, an honour whatever you want to call it. For doing amazing and grand work for Humanity and fellow communities. As well as receiving a spectacular retirement plan/luxuries. Shinrarta Dezhra is right round the corner.

Anyway, I was looking at galactic advertisement sites and came across a future expedition, called the Azothi Expedition being lead by the Explorers Consortium. I've sent in an application to them for participation as I have never went out into the black with others before. So it'll be interesting if I get around to it. I will be further assisting the community in a joint effort as well as progressing my reputation and being paid for it. The golden three.

I'm sure my wife Elise will be applauding me for this, and mother...

I need to "see" them at some point.

For now it is uncertain where this expedition will go but I reckon it shall go beyond the Perseus Arm and too the Formidine Rift. Even beyond the Outer Arm as well. Time will tell....
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