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23 Oct 3302
Cartlidge1000 /
Commander's Log: 22 October, 3302: Griefers!!!

I've never really been able to stand griefers, that strange faction within the Pilot's Federation that contains nothing but the brutish and the homicidally insane. As if pirates weren't enough of a blight upon the galaxy, some of our deadliest peers bend over backwards just to attack any innocent trader or explorer they find.

I ran into one of these griefers not long ago, an encounter that quickly ended with my Trebuchet in pieces. It was a first for me, so I planned on taking steps to avoid it in the future. Recently I ran into the same man again while doing a few runs for this week's community goal. Oddly enough, since the system is in anarchy, the griefer and his friend decided to make camp just outside the station. 

Naturally it didn't take long for the other pilots to grow tired of their antics, and we counterattacked numerous times, often forcing them to flee to safety either inside the indifferent station or into another system entirely, the cowardly buggers.

In one particular instance I managed to encounter one of the two alone the Galleon made short work of his shields and armor. Unfortunately fate would not favor me for this battle. As the cur turned tail to run as he usually did when thing's were going sour, I fired a few missiles to finish him off. What I had underestimated, however, was how angry stations got when someone fires missiles too close to the entrance. I tried to turn tail and run but I swear the station's cannons are more powerful than even those behemoths on Capital ships. I hadn't even fully turned around before the Galleon had detonated.

To make matters worse I know I didn't kill the bugger, because an Anaconda's point defense intervened, destroying what would have been guaranteed lethal shots.

I am most certainly angry about how this event has turned out, but at least I have memorized their names. I know one day I will eventually turn the tables on them.

For now I have to get myself acquainted to the Galleon Mk II.

--Commander Cartlidge
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