CMDR Mathew of Tegalus
Trader / Freelancer
Aisling Duval
Credit Balance
28,717,040 Cr
Registered ship name
OSS Black Steel
Overall assets
1,350,289,685 Cr


20 Apr 3303
Mathew of Tegalus /
April 20th 3303 - A Secure Future.

With us having made significant progress toward our goal's for our fleet, both in terms of outfitting and engineering, and having decided to firmly plant down our roots and set up shop in Fawaol permanently now, things finally feel like they're secure, we finally feel like we're safe and set up, and we can relax more often. We still have issues to sort of course, like our current cash flow situation,...

20 Apr 3303
Mathew of Tegalus /
April 20th 3303 - Planting Our Roots At Last

It's been about a week since our last update, mainly because we've been super busy. We last left off at Farseer Inc. where we had gone to buy five 3A Performance Enhanced Thruster modules, one for each of the Imperial Eagles we own - the two racers and the interceptor - one for the Imperial Courier, and a fifth for storage. After buying those, we transferred them back to Shinrarta Dezhra's Jameson...

13 Apr 3303
Mathew of Tegalus /
April 13th 3303 - Getting the house in order.

So we've been back about a day now, and today's mission has been getting our affairs in order. We got a lot of work to do. We spent this morning in Shinrarta making some tweaks to our ships; then we ran out of cash, so we went off to Sothis with only 3 million to our name in liquid assets in a 21m rebuy OSS Black Steel. Did that run and got us back up to 36ish million. We returned to Shinrarta and...

12 Apr 3303
Mathew of Tegalus /
April 12th 3303 - A Journey Around The Galaxy: Home and Safe [Part 5 of 5]

It's good to be back on solid ground at last. We've arranged for everything to be moved to Shinrarta and we'll head over there tomorrow. We're disappointed we didn't get close to Elite Exploration, but at the end of the day, the trip was good. One of the first things me and Katie did together was go out to Colonia, so to spend another significantly lengthy time in the black, it's good. We'll update...

12 Apr 3303
Mathew of Tegalus /
April 12th 3303 - A Journey Around The Galaxy: Breakdown of the trip [Part 4 of 5]

So for our trip we had a number of objectives we wanted to achieve as we have previously mentioned. For Clarity, here they are with their achievement progress: ObjectiveAchievement Status Visit our first Neutron StarAchieved Tag an unclaimed Neutron StarAchieved Complete our first Neutron Boosted JumpAchieved Visit our first Black HoleAchieved Tag an unclaimed Black...

12 Apr 3303
Mathew of Tegalus /
April 12th 3303 - A Journey Around The Galaxy: Beagle Point to Achenar [Part 3 of 5]

Seeing a route to Beagle Point, reaching the system in one piece, and being able to see just how far we are from home were all incredible feelings. 65,256ly from home. We scanned the system, as is customary when reaching landmark systems like this. It's not quite what we expected. I thought Erimus would have picked a fancier location to have the finale of Distant Worlds. It is however...

12 Apr 3303
Mathew of Tegalus /
April 12th 3303 - A Journey Around The Galaxy: Sagittarius A* to Beagle Point [Part 2 of 5]

Having made it to Sagittarius A* in two days, leaving on March 13th and arriving March 15th, we decided to take the next few days easy. We picked a planet only 10 light years from The Core to set down and rest for a bit. We picked up on March 19th, and begun marching on Beagle Point. We earmarked a nebula we wanted to visit, which took us back out of The Core at about a 45 degree angle, and the...

12 Apr 3303
Mathew of Tegalus /
April 12th 3303 - A Journey Around The Galaxy: Colonia to Sagittarius A* [Part 1 of 5]

Dutifully so, we left Colonia not long after our last update. We set straight out to cover the 11 thousand or so light years between Jaques and The Core. This will be the first of five updates now that we're home. We'll cover the trip from Colonia to The Core, The Core to Beagle Point, our return from Beagle, our breakdown in detail of the trip, and our future plans. Our first discovery after...

13 Mar 3303
Mathew of Tegalus /
March 13th 3303 - A lot can happen in a year.

About this time last year, riots had already begun in the Lessal Industrial Complex. To most, that place is the a simple, self sufficient Mine/Refinery/Factory all in one. To me? and the others who were for whatever reason sold into Illegal slavery, that was our slave centre. You wouldn't expect literal slavery from within the Federation, although Wage Slavery and related instances are well...

08 Mar 3303
Mathew of Tegalus /
March 8th 3303 - Exploring the void

So, about a month has passed. After we came home from our last trip into the black, we moved all of our ships to Achenar. Our main base of operations is now at Dawes Hub, and all of our ships are now spread across the systems starports. On February 24th, we set out into the void again. This time we made it to Colonia, via the refuel outposts. It was our first time visiting those since they were...