CMDR Mathew of Tegalus
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Aisling Duval
Credit Balance
28,717,040 Cr
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OSS Black Steel
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1,350,289,685 Cr

Logbook entry

08 Mar 3303
Mathew of Tegalus /
March 8th 3303 - Exploring the void

So, about a month has passed.

After we came home from our last trip into the black, we moved all of our ships to Achenar. Our main base of operations is now at Dawes Hub, and all of our ships are now spread across the systems starports.

On February 24th, we set out into the void again. This time we made it to Colonia, via the refuel outposts. It was our first time visiting those since they were built. Our eventual goal is the core, Sag A*, and Beagle Point.

We docked at Jaques station at 20:27 GMT, and since then we've had some well deserved and needed real food, a nice walk about the starport, and we've said brief hello's to some old friends. Our plan is to stay put for about a week, maybe two, bring out our iCourier and mess about. Once we've done that, we'll head off again.

It took us so long to get out here compared to previous runs, because we took time to scan this time around.

We didn't scan this system, but it sure would have been worth a lot.

We picked and chose what to stop for. Mainly it was Earth Like Worlds and Water Worlds, but there were some extra's packed in too.

Hillary Depot, the first refuel stop en route to Colonia.

The refuel stops are a weird thing. To any sane person, they're technically pointless, since you're never going to use them simply to refuel unless you're an idiot, so the only real reason you'd want to visit is if you're going the Neutron Highways, and need to repair your ship. Or you're a careless pilot.

The first Water World we discovered.

Almost all of the Water Worlds we found were murky in appearence, not pristine.

Many indeed seemed to be Argon Rich Water Worlds.

This particular system had two, one at the entry point, and the other in the secondary system.

The system in question.

We quite enjoyed ourselves out here. We brought along two Imperial Fighters, and two SRV's, and they were all put to extensive use, getting some views, and in some cases, the pictures you're looking at now.

When we saw the above system, we screamed. We thought: "That's four ELW's!", then: "Aw no, someone scanned them", and finally: "Oh wait, they're HMC's..."

Eagles Landing.

The art behind this isn't eyeballing if a planet looks like what you think it is. It's all about the sound signals it gives off. Earth Like's will sound like HMC's, but you will be able to hear bird sounds on top of that. Water Worlds couldn't be simpler - listen for bubbling water in the background. If it has those characteristics, that's what they are - without fail. Learning that will save you a lot of time whilst you hunt for these things.

OSS Black Steel.

The ship held up very well. Repair costs across the refuel stations and here at Jaques were nominal, and we didn't have any close calls with planets or stars, like some amateurs seem to have trouble avoiding.

Whilst it may seem expensive, this is little more than general upkeep. Small repairs, paintwork, bashing out some dents caused by the shitty landing pads along the fuel stops.

We got our fair share of vistas along the way. It's all part of the experience.

Not too long ago, Ruin sites were reported in the Skaudai sector, directly en route to Colonia. We're sad to report that we found nothing of the sort in our route.

Our first Earth Like of the trip.

We took so long in getting to Colonia this time, mainly because we spent time on all of these planets. We put feet on the ground, and checked out what weird and wonderful things the galaxy has to offer. This planet in particular not only has some amazing native fruit, but arguably the makings of a sentient, or not far from being sentient, species.

Don't get me wrong, it's hardly human level of intelligence. One could say it's at about primate level. Smart enough to probably use tools if it was given one, and could probably eventually work out how to make their own, if they were having a bright day.

Said system was also home to an Argon Water World, just to the left of this ELW.

Refuelling station 4 of 6.[/img]

Signs of volcanism peaking through the ocean.

The only other Earth like we found. Not quite as special, but they're all special in a sense.

You could argue this one was special, since it had an orbital period of 2800 days, or 7.67 years. That's a long year.

We managed to make a 1000ly plot exactly as we closed in on Colonia.

And we almost hyperspaced through a star.

And so here we sit, comfortable in our beds on board our ship. We'll update at least twice more before we head off again to finish our journey. Once to outline our discoveries in more detail, and lastly to update just before we depart.

Mathew of Tegalus - 08 March 3033 23:25 GMT
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