CMDR Mathew of Tegalus
Trader / Freelancer
Aisling Duval
Credit Balance
28,717,040 Cr
Registered ship name
OSS Black Steel
Overall assets
1,350,289,685 Cr

Logbook entry

12 Apr 3303
Mathew of Tegalus /
April 12th 3303 - A Journey Around The Galaxy: Breakdown of the trip [Part 4 of 5]

So for our trip we had a number of objectives we wanted to achieve as we have previously mentioned. For Clarity, here they are with their achievement progress:

ObjectiveAchievement Status
Visit our first Neutron StarAchieved
Tag an unclaimed Neutron StarAchieved
Complete our first Neutron Boosted JumpAchieved
Visit our first Black HoleAchieved
Tag an unclaimed Black HoleAchieved
Visit Sagittarius A*Achieved
Visit Beagle PointAchieved
Use any grade of FSD Injection "Jumponium"Achieved
Visit our first Herbig Ae/Be StarAchieved
Tag an unclaimed Herbig Ae/Be StarAchieved
Visit our first Wolf Rayet StarFailed
Tag an unclaimed Wolf Rayet StarFailed
Visit our first Planetary NebulaFailed
Tag an unclaimed Planetary NebulaFailed
Visit our first Stellar NebulaAchieved
Tag an unclaimed Stellar NebulaFailed
Achieve Elite Exploration RankFailed

Primary Objectives are in blue, Special Objectives in white.

Some records to note from this trip:

We discovered the two systems with 4 Water Worlds in them, breaking the three in a system record.

We discovered two Earth Likes in the same system, breaking the previous single system record.

We broke our record for jumps in a day - Was 427, now 551.

Now for a breakdown of the statistics of this trip:

In total, our trip earned us 72,737,493 Credits.

During the trip we visited a total of 6,308 unique different systems.

We made a total of 6,376 hyperspace jumps.

We made a total of 9,754 Level 3 scans with the Detailed Surface Scanner.

We covered a total of 177,238 light years in the round trip.

We increased our "furthest distance from home" from 21,942ly to 65,222ly.

We travelled a total of 436 km in the S.R.V.

We increased our maximum largest payout for a single system from 541,337 to 710,234 Credits.

Of which:

  • There were 21 Earth Like Worlds - including a double ELW system. 
    • This increased our ELW count from 4 to 25.
  • There were 98 Water Worlds.
  • There were 32 Neutron Stars.
  • There was 1 Black Hole (excluding Sagittarius A*).
  • There were 3 White Dwarfs.

We made 34% progress towards the Elite Exploration Rank, up from 94% Ranger Exploration Rank.

That cost a lot of money. Worth it though.

We've enjoyed our trip; but we're literally in the door - we spent most of our trip from the Conflux region to Achenar writing these logs. We're publishing these logs right as we got in the door to our estate on Capitol in Achenar from the Universal Cartographics Office in the Ambassadorial District. We are shattered, we're going to bed and taking tomorrow off to rest, relax, and enjoy being back in civilisation and all the great wonders it brings with it. We'll update then, but until then, fly safe.

Commanders Mathew and Katie of Tegalus - April 12th 3303 20:30 Galactic Standard Time (GST)
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