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06 Dec 3302
M. Lehman /
Return to Pegasi: The Job

Well Marra, I hope you’re happy. Looks like the resistance bought itself a nice big farm.

I was back in the pilot’s bar on Smith Port. It was busier than the last time, being packed with mercs and miners and merchants, all trying to get their piece of the freshly-baked HIP ‘072 pie. All around me, seats and tables were packed, the tuned-out background conversation filling the air with noise. It was a far cry from the motley collection of scrubs and locals who’d been silently hunched over their drinks when I’d first arrived.  

Above my head was the same ring of holo-visions, the newscasters breathlessly recounting the sudden purgation of the local planetary mining rings. Black Omega forces had converged en mass upon several of the most concentrated pockets of resistance, wiping them out in short, savage massacres. The rest of the remaining dissidents left their hiding spots to flee off-system, but not before dozens more were interdicted and destroyed in deep space.

The sudden absence of thieving pirates had opened the floodgates of commerce back into the system. Miners and traders alike were again returning with full holds, the population was grudgingly accepting Black Omega as the new power in charge, and things were settling back down to normal.

I took a sip of my Old Sol as I looked down, the events of the last few days replaying themselves in my head. At least, as close to “normal” as it gets out here in Pegasi.

I’d spent a lot of my time in the Betrayal, silently watching the pirates come and go, tracking their movement and mapping several gathering points deep inside the asteroid rings. I was able to pull it off for a few reasons- I wasn’t Black O, and I wasn’t posing a threat. It felt wrong to be surrounded by so much pay dirt without opening fire, but a job was a job. And now? Now they were all dead, victims of Marra’s ruthless tactics. I looked around myself again, watching packed crowds of people put their hard-earned credits back into the local economy with a smile and a raised glass. I let out a short, sarcastic snort as I raised my drink to my lips.

You’re welcome.

For the rest of the story, click here!

Huge thanks go out to Marra Morgan and Jem Caesar!

And if you're wondering if a certain bit of dialogue was ripped off from Empire Strikes back... it was! I'm excited to see Rogue One!
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