CMDR ThomasWJames
Explorer / Researcher
Asp Explorer
Credit Balance
22,343,206 Cr
Registered ship name
Deep Recon X
Overall assets
51,193,620 Cr

Logbook entry

05 Oct 3302
ThomasWJames /
Log 1: (General) Personal Log - October 5, 3302

CMDR: Thomas W. James
Date: October 5th, 3302
Time: 09:30
Location: Deciat System - Farseer Inc.
Topic: General Diary

Through some old fashioned hard work (trading) I managed to get my hands on an Asp Explorer and I've christened her "Stargazer", because that's what I feel I've been doing all my life. I have fitted her to the core after meeting a retired explorer by the name of Felicity Farseer in the Deciat System (where I currently am) who helps new commanders out for the odd job here and there. She tells me that if I work for her collecting exploration data she can outfit my ship even further. So far Stargazer has been good to me and I think it's high-time I've made a name for myself amongst the stars and make a living out of it. On a side note, I've also purchased an SRV for some planetary expeditions. I've christened it "Stargazer II"...not much on naming things, trying to keep it simple.

I've met and joined with a fellow group of explorers called Deep Recon X (DRX for short). They seem like a good bunch and appear to have their act together with proper organization and communication. The group is skilled with a vast knowledge of space and ships and have been guiding me as I get my feet wet. In about 20 days they're planning an expedition to the Myoangooe Nebula that's around 44,000 Light Years away. I decided I'd join in on their little adventure, and this is the reason for starting a logbook-to keep track of everything I find.

For the next couple of days I plan to do a few Data Boom missions for some extra credits and a little more scavenging on nearby planets for materials for the long haul trip into the black. I'll need some extra AFMU ammo, SRV fuel and repair kits, and if I'm lucky a few FSD boosts to help me along the way. This will be my first real trip outside the "Bubble". We don't know what mysteries or dangers we might find, but I think I'm ready for this.

End Log.

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