CMDR ThomasWJames
Explorer / Researcher
Asp Explorer
Credit Balance
22,343,206 Cr
Registered ship name
Deep Recon X
Overall assets
51,193,620 Cr

Logbook entry

09 Oct 3302
ThomasWJames /
Log 2: (General) Personal Log - OCTOBER 8, 3302

CMDR: Thomas W. James
Date: October 8th, 3302
Time: 21:45
Location: Deciat System - Farseer Inc.
Topic: General Diary

Today I ventured outside the "Bubble" for the first time. I only went about 680 LY away from Deciat System to try and see how well I could do. Stargazer performed perfectly and as expected. I came back successfully having been the first to discover a few new systems. None of the planets I discovered were truly earth-like, just a few barren icy worlds for the most part--still they were something. I also discovered some Ancient Artifacts from a ship that must have come to some ill-fate. I brought them back and sold them on the Black Market.

Now that I feel more confident in myself and truly know how it all works I will be departing tonight for Jaques Station. I will not return to Deciat or the "Bubble" for sometime and this time I don't plan on picking up any cargo unless it is truly, truly unique. I plan to meet my Deep Recon X wing crew out there at Jaques Station and from there we'll venture even further out together.

End Log.

My "First Discovered By" Scanned Object
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