CMDR Beamer Miasma
Explorer / Scientist
Asp Explorer
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450,421,589 Cr
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535,668,459 Cr

Logbook entry

15 Feb 3303
Beamer Miasma /
I am an explorer, hear me honk

After arriving at Colonia a few days ago, I dropped off Frankie at Jaques Station, bought her a Sidewinder to get around the place, and immediately made a right turn heading back out there. On the final 1000ly run to Colonia I had skipped a system with an Earth-like so I went back to scan it. This close to inhabited space it's worth the extra 20 jumps back and forth.

I claimed the Earth-like and proceeded to scout the vicinity of Colonia. A trip of 1500 ly to the West and back again, a similar distance round-trip to the North. I scanned a considerable number of undiscovered neutron stars and black holes on those two trips, they are a-plenty in this region of space. The most remarkable of those I found was probably Kyloall AA-A g2612, a system with a central black hole, orbited by twin neutron stars so close together it was impossible to fly between them, and a 3rd neutron some ways out. Strangely enough only the black hole was scanned before (even though the twin neutrons could be scanned from the jump point). I don't like mopping up the garbage of sloppy explorers but in this case I made an exception, the sights were worth it.

I had noticed and marked a number of Wolf-Rayet and Carbon stars on my trip towards the North and plotted my route back to Colonia along them. All of the Wolf-Rayet stars I visited had already been scanned but I was able to add a number of Carbon types systems to my list as well as a rare unscanned massive Herbig Ae/Be pre-main sequence star that I found a ways out in an otherwise scanned system.

I also visited several systems with Blue-White Super Giants, hundreds of times the radius of Sol. I'll tell you, you haven't lived until you slam into a system and your entire field of vision is filled with blinding white star surface, and as you hastily pilot away from it you wonder why it isn't getting any smaller. The most impressive of these must have been system Dryooe Flyou AA-A h7 which has two of the Class A Super Giants, one of them close to a main sequence Class O, no little star itself by any means but looking rather pathetic next to its big brother.

I feel it is time to move on now though. It's clear to me there is no work to be found for a deep space explorer around Colonia itself, all the interesting stuff has been cherry picked and the nearby main sequence stars can be taken care of by the new colonists moving to the Colonia bubble. I have set my sights on Sag A and will set off in that general direction today. Once there I will probably keep moving east to the Scutum-Centaurus arm or even the Sagittarius arm before turning south and following the arm back down towards the bubble. That will make for a nice Galactic roundabout.

So off we go, goodbye Jaques you queer French half-a-man, thanks for the hospitality, I'll be back in another 200K ly or so.
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