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Logbook entry

17 Feb 3303
Beamer Miasma /
Gotta tag them all

- "Crank!"
- "Yes Commander?"
- "Run my statistics package. Send the full report to my pad and give me a verbal summary of the highlights."
- "Right away Commander."

- "How long will it take?"
- "It's finished Commander."
- "That fast? That can't be right."
- "I implemented some caching of intermediate results Commander, I only need to scan the most recent log now."
- "Excellent, let's hear it then."
- "Yes Commander."

- "Since we left Colonia, we have scanned 153 stellar bodies, almost all previously undiscovered."
- "In addition we scanned 443 planetary bodies, all previously undiscovered, with a total of 75 rings around 61 of the planets."

- "Any good ones?"
- "Four metallic and 24 metal rich.
- "Not bad, continue."
- "Yes Commander."

- "We have discovered a considerable number of star types that you had not claimed before: Blue-White and White Supergiants, Red giants, Wolf-Rayet stars with spectral types Carbon, Oxygen, Nitrogen/Helium, and Nitrogen/Carbon-Oxygen/Helium, and White Dwarfs of types DA, DAV, DB and DCV."
- "We did not encounter any new planet types, although we did find a new Earth-like, five water worlds, six metal rich bodies, and five gas giants with life, three of them water based and two ammonia based."

- "What is the biggest water world we encountered so far?"
- "Chraufao XA-B c28-7 4 at 15 and a half times the mass of Earth, we encountered that one almost 2 weeks ago, on the first day after leaving the bubble for Colonia."
- "Yes I remember that one... I wonder how big a drop of water it needs to be before they start calling it a giant. That thing was huge, it's hard to imagine a bigger one forming."
- "I don't have data on their exact criteria regarding those classifications Commander. The Sudarsky classes are well defined, but the differences in solid and liquid world classifications seem more subjective."
- "You don't say. What stars am I still looking for?"
- "Red Supergiant, Orange Giant, four different Carbon types and nine types of White Dwarfs."
- "Ehh crap, I hate white dwarfs..."
- "So I noticed Commander."

- "How far are we from Colonia?"
- "Around 1100 parsecs, Commander."
- "And how far from Sag A?"
- "2450 parsecs, Commander. Are you thinking about turning back?"
- "Why do you say that?"
- "Logical deduction, Commander. Three days ago you asked me to check the list of stars claimed by you against the database of known star types and store the difference in a file called 'Bucketlist'. I wasn't familiar with that term so I cross checked it against my literature database."
- "And what did you conclude?"
- "You intend to get your name on at least one stellar body of each type, Commander. Since leaving Colonia we have scanned many types you haven't claimed before. I suspect you wish to turn in those scans before someone else has the chance to do so."
- "We made you to clever for your own good."
- "The fact that you didn't give me a snappy comeback on that proves me right."
- "Yes Commander."

- "Alright, plot a course back to Colonia, bee line. And don't tell Frankie."
- "May I point out the chance of you fooling Frankie seems infinitesimal, Commander?"
- "I know, don't... lie to her, just don't volunteer the information if she doesn't ask. If we're quick we can make it back before she wakes up."
- "I will not tell her unless asked, Commander. I don't think you are giving her enough credit though."
- "What do you mean?"
- "Frankie didn't go along to see Sagittarius A, Commander. I believe she would gladly go with you no matter where you went. She thinks you need her."
- "..."
- "I believe she is right."
- "For Finagle's Sake! Are you giving me relationship advice now?"
- "I wouldn't dare, Commander, but I do believe it is a joy for both of us to have her on board."
- "I can't argue with you about that."
- "I would suggest to let her pick a target more often, Commander."
- "Why is that?"
- "The three times you have let her choose, she managed to pick two Red Giants and a red Wolf-Rayet, Commander. On sight. Her resolution in the red spectrum seems to be much higher than yours."
- "You mean her eyes are better."
- "That is what I said, Commander. She might lead you to the Red Supergiant and Orange Giant you are missing from your list."
- "Alright, as soon as we leave Colonia again. Now that I've made up my mind I don't want to waste too much time getting back. Still, see if you can plot a course along as many of the stars that I tagged before, let's say a maximum of 10% deviation from the optimal course."
- "Yes Commander. Course plotted."
- "OK then, hit it!"
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