CMDR Beamer Miasma
Explorer / Scientist
Asp Explorer
Credit Balance
450,421,589 Cr
Registered ship name
Overall assets
535,668,459 Cr

Logbook entry

19 Mar 3303
Beamer Miasma /
Welcome to the 1K club

- "Nomad?"
- "Yes Commander?"
- "I have a green notice icon on my screen without further info."

Beamer tapped the icon again. It was a generic non-critical information icon, a green pulsing triangle. It didn't respond to his taps.

- "That was me Commander. I thought you would like to know that you have just completed your 1000th full system scan."
- "Really? Whoopty-frelling-do, I impress myself. I didn't think that was a statistic we tracked?"
- "Correct Commander. We do however track the number of systems in which you have scanned at least one object, and considering your habit of only scanning entire systems... you can do the maths."
- "That's what I have you for."
- "Of course Commander."

Beamer smiled and leaned back in his chair. He looked at the system map again. It was an unassuming little system, a central White Dwarf, type AB, orbited by two class M Dwarfs. Fitting, in a way.

- "Give me a full rundown of the totals."

Nomad promptly projected the list on the main screen.

                                             Description            Value
1                                  Unique systems visited             8574
2                                       System honks sold             7358
3                   Systems with at least 1 detailed scan             1000
4               Systems with at least 1 claimed discovery              716
5                  Systems with at least 1 unchecked scan              164
6                   Systems visited since last claim time              422
7            Distance traveled since last claim time (ly)            16887
8                      Estimated worth of unchecked scans 5291200-19882950
9                     Total detailed Stellar object scans             1795
10                    Total detailed Planetary body scans             5255
11                     Stellar object discoveries claimed             1274
12                     Planetary body discoveries claimed             3709
13                         Earth-like discoveries claimed               13
14                        Water world discoveries claimed              104
15                Terraformable world discoveries claimed              208
16   Gas Giants with water based life discoveries claimed               20
17                      Ammonia World discoveries claimed                8
18 Gas Giants with ammonia based life discoveries claimed               10
19                Unchecked detailed stellar object scans              295
20                Unchecked detailed planetary body scans             1445
21                        Base exploration credits earned         93985773
22                   First discovery bonus credits earned         17165088
23                              Total number of FSD jumps             9634
24                           Total FSD jump distance (ly)           281842
25                                   Tons of fuel scooped            29243
26                                    Tons of fuel bought             2969
27                        Tons of fuel used for FSD jumps            31707
28                      Tons of fuel used for Supercruise              505
29                       FSD jump fuel efficiency (t/Kly)              112
30                       FSD jump fuel efficiency (ly/Kt)             8888
31          Jumponium depots discovered (all 7 materials)               75

- "Not bad, we've done a lot of scanning this trip. Twice the min, half the max, that should make for about 10 million on top of what the perishables in the passenger cabin will pay."
- "Yes Commander, that seems to be a good rule of thumb. Of course we still have around 15 thousand ly to go back to the bubble."
- "True, we'll do that a little faster though, better get back quick, get these tourists to pay and pick up a new bunch... or maybe I'll go out without a freight this time, I want to make a trip to the south-eastern corner but I haven't seen many science or tourist missions going that way."
- "Probably because it's mostly empty space there Commander."
- "That only makes it easier to spot the interesting things."
- "To quote the prophet Cruyff: 'Every disadvantage has its advantage', Commander."

Beamer laughed. He should probably make some of the ramblings of his older forefathers inaccessible to the ship's AI. He unbuckled and pushed up from his chair, stretching as he slowly floated towards the cockpit exit.

- "Guard the helm for me for a few. I'm going to check the kitchen, I think I have a nice single malt stashed away in one of the cupboards. Seems like a good time for a toast to myself."
- "I'll call you when anything noteworthy happens Commander."
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