CMDR Claire Bloodgood
Explorer / Any
Cobra Mk III
Archon Delaine
Credit Balance
8,237,701 Cr
Registered ship name
Black Omega
Overall assets
24,880,665 Cr

Logbook entry

17 Feb 3303
Claire Bloodgood /
Interdiction Abundance

Scratching my head too often here, I can't quite place the myriad of attempted interdiction at me recently.

I absolutely refuse to correlate this from the visit with Farseer. A clever woman like her is only disappointed at my weak interest with ships, I doubt she'd give me a hard time...

She couldn't be that childish. Even so, I respect her and look up to her despite her looking down on me... Besides, I know what she's thinking. The abyss shall take me ever so slowly, where it be the dark intellect of men and women of the void or the very spacial gloom!

Ohhh- woe is me!

I know I'm overthinking this due to my recent contracts revolving solely around delivering medicinal supplies and the likes. Even so, is that really enough to come after me over and over again and by completely different individuals each time? Is there some petty bounty on me for crashing into that somewhat-




It couldn't be. I had gladly paid for the repair expenses... But, maybe I'm underestimating the children of the danger zone huh? Luckily for me, not a single one were successful in their pursuit. I'm aware avoiding interdiction is effortless but every little twisted experience helps! Who knows... What if I were to encounter notorious people? Can't run on luck forever then.
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