CMDR Claire Bloodgood
Explorer / Any
Cobra Mk III
Archon Delaine
Credit Balance
8,237,701 Cr
Registered ship name
Black Omega
Overall assets
24,880,665 Cr

Logbook entry

20 Mar 3303
Claire Bloodgood /

o o o

"Don't wear any of these unless it's formal... You listening?" Galena barked, knowing Claire had crossed arms. "Stop seeing that brute either, I don't trust him. If he touches you again, I'll have him at gunpoint, I'll war with the lot of them." She continued around Claire's ship cabin, avoiding eye contact with her own daughter. The woman's heated personality undeniably opened a few eyes but to Claire it seemed like a defense mechanism, the motherly sort.

"Mom... We don't-.. We won't talk." Claire answered in a huffed tone. "I have you to thank for that, busting a knife out and such..." She smirked as Galena turned to kiss her forehead. She pecked tenderly. The man Galena hissed about was to blame but really this was a mistake that Claire felt guilty yet exhilarated for.

Darius certainly scared her, his actions put Claire at a loss... The way he circled her, his callous graze, the ferocity. She thought he toyed with her to keep them on a leash... To grasp at their throat and take advantage of their caution. The man is respected and has a proficiency hard to rival. Plenty of men like him in the galaxy with ambitions tampered and nudged. His prowess big as his physical, cornering the feeble. Steer the wrong way and you have bodies where you didn't think to look.

She wanted to ruin him.

Claire restrained her feelings and there was newly found poise. Not often does she think back to what happened but when she did... She'd feel his hand crawling up her neck, his thumb pushing her chin to his then- a slow smack of his lips to hers in a feral grunt. She was astounded, thinking that she'd been effortless for him. Pushing back at him and nips his bottom lip, drawing blood. He gnarled lowly and opened his eyes to Claire licking her lips candidly. 

She opened her eyes as Galena plucked back and tucked Claire's hair behind an ear.

"Don't smile so much in the wrong company either..." Galena caressed Claire's face, "Oh my wander-girl.." Holding back the tears were futile for Galena as she embraced Claire longingly.


The door silently hissed with Darius stepping closer and closer. His eyes burned on Claire who softly paced away from him, maintaining an inquisitive face. "I don't want trouble." She said in a hushed manner. Eventually she backed up on to her desk colliding bluntly. She looked briefly behind her and back, startled as the massive man drew near

He inhaled, sitting his fingers on the desk on either side of Claire and supporting himself. He allowed enough room between them but noticing her small gasp for air, his mouth twitched back a laugh.

I can barely breathe.. She fought not to quiver. He was large enough to crush the sorry desk and close enough to emanate a fervor she could feel and it crept all over her. She waited as they locked both their brown eyes. Her unease at looking people in the eye straining. 

"Should you disobey your father- you also disobey me." He steamed. "I didn't take this job to find out he has a daughter springing around, threatening our work." His fingers turned into knuckles bringing him face-to-face with Claire, hardening his gaze as she lowered hers. "Do we have a problem?" His voiced turned deep and almost thundered in Claire's throat causing her to swallow hard. 

Claire tensed and her breathing struggled to compose for a moment. "It won't. Happen. Again." She bit inside her lip.

"I expect nothing less." He backed away clenching his jaw, making his already harsh features steeled. As the door hissed behind him once more, Claire sighs in relief and grips the edge of her desk.

"Shit.." She whispered.

o o

There was a cold and grey loom about Magnus. He stood in the cockpit of Cassiopeia looking into nothing before him. His mind rampant and exposed. What would 'save' her? What could he do. He had always thought irrationally at times. 'Is she really my daughter?' He chuckled in defeat, thinking back on when he would ask her playfully. 

'Of course I am.' She used to say, looking him in the eye. With her dewy but blind outlook. He was wrong about her many times. Her love was so heavy and real yet... Behind those words that were dangerously sincere. There was a flash of black and it fogged their vision... He shook his head softly as it began to pound. The rhythm matched the oncoming heavy clanks of metal. It was Darius with his serious and monotonous face, completely examining him. This was a man who could almost see through him.

"She's nothing like you." Darius growled. "She might just be better." A dark laugh boomed in the room.

Magnus' hair crawled.

"Let's get this over job with, Bloodgood." Darius scoffed. "The quicker the better." He swiveled and left. Magnus could have sworn he saw a glint of white in his crooked face. He made a small blunder, it was insignificant but it can be quenched. So long as the fire is not fanned. 

Taking Claire along was a mistake.     
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