CMDR L. Colt
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Wu Guinagi Explorers Corp.
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25 Mar 3303
L. Colt /
Crew Log Entry 2 - Anayeli Burch - Silent Warp...

Anayeli "Annie" Burch here... I'm writting this log because I'm growing increasingly worried about CMDR L. Colt... but it is best to explain what happened... Recently, we've been doing jobs in Alioth... few of them make us jump to far away systems... it's been granting us a good sum of credits and it got me and the CMDR a promotion within the Pilots' Federation. However... a few days...

19 Mar 3303
L. Colt /
When it comes to explosions...

Explosions, explosions... They are common in my hangar... But they are always the best bangers... ... and I am a simple man with simple devotions! Sidewinders and massive corvettes... They make me smile so wide! With not a single cloud of regret... ... one would say I lied.... A test of strength, A test of power, I go to an extreme length... ... to have all the work done before happy...

17 Mar 3303
L. Colt /
The Alioth Crash Test Dummy

WHAT A GLORIOUS DAY! The Alliance finally took notice of my arrival in Alioth... so they contacted me and asked me if I could test out a few safety features they are developing for some of their ships. This included bullet and impact proof canopies, adjustable gimbaled landing gear (I'm really excited for this one), quick-response air brakes, fire proof interiors (HAH, I'd like to see them try!)...

15 Mar 3303
L. Colt /
Galactic Geographic - A Belugan Circle of Life

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I'm sir Reginald Los Colt and today we are bringing you our show all the way from Mizar! Today, we have decided to search for one of the most fascinating lifeforms present in the Milky Way; the Beluga Liners and their life cycle! Our trip began in Mizar where me and my companion Red Dog grabbed our holo-recorders and launched off on our FDLs because this is...

13 Mar 3303
L. Colt /
Why I left Carener (Carener Security - Complaint Report #2545921 - CMDR L. Colt)

CMDR L. Colt, We send this message to you due to the sheer ammount of complaints that have been filed against you. The nature of these complaints are in direct connection to your actions in Butz Port, ranging from noise complaints to public indecency. The complaints are as follows... - Noise Complaint: Loud banging and clicking from your hangar. - Noise Complaint: Even louder bangs coming from...

13 Mar 3303
L. Colt /

Oh dear... rumors... rumors... rumors... They have my jimmies all rustled up. Aliens, man! Ships have been going missing all over the place... some pilots are yelling about "ALIENS ARE COMING! HIDE YOUR LIQUOR!!!"... but all ship power is cut... and the cockpit holo-recorders are shut down aswell... If I hadn't experienced the probing myself, I'd call "BULLSH*T" so loud it...

04 Mar 3303
L. Colt /
Crew Log Entry 1 - Anayeli Burch - I WAS ALMOST KILLED!!

I've never used this log before... I saw Colt use it a few times... I also saw him laughing maniacly at it on occasions... So... today he decided to take us into what he calls his "Hazres Orchard" to do some bounty hunting... Anyway, I'm okay for some bounty-hunting... I feel that, despite his questionable actions, we're doing something good for the system... I especially love when he...

03 Mar 3303
L. Colt /
A mechanics' Woe

The cleanup crews at Butz are hard at work again... that's why we pay them, isn't it? Ever since I started working on my own custom mods, I've run into a series of problems... and walls... I don't work on thrusters anymore. From short circuits, hardpoint misfires, MASSIVE explosions and worst of all... broken nails (how can I play the Ukelele without nails?! I'm no "pick casual")......

27 Feb 3303
L. Colt /
Warp Tea

There's just something incredibly satisfying about having a warm tea when jumping between systems. I like to look outside the cockpit of the ship and just stare into the lights and the odd clouds which I hope aren't Thargoid farts because that would TOTALLY kill the mood. Warm freshly brewed tea... none of that stasis stored junk... and witchspace... I sometimes think about what would happen...

27 Feb 3303
L. Colt /

Another day another dent on my ship for trying to boost outside. The "Hazres" farm next to home has been yelding some pretty juicy fruit! Pythons, Cobras, 'Condas and even other Fer-de-Lance... although none as good as my Snake-Eater. I could've spent the day... or night... was it daytime? I get confused... Anyway, I could've spent the rest of my days in todays "Hazres" farm......