CMDR L. Colt
Mechanic / Freelancer
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Wu Guinagi Explorers Corp.
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Logbook entry

03 Mar 3303
L. Colt /
A mechanics' Woe

The cleanup crews at Butz are hard at work again... that's why we pay them, isn't it?

Ever since I started working on my own custom mods, I've run into a series of problems... and walls... I don't work on thrusters anymore.

From short circuits, hardpoint misfires, MASSIVE explosions and worst of all... broken nails (how can I play the Ukelele without nails?! I'm no "pick casual"... it seems all the snags have straight up decked me in the face...
It's gotten to the point where Flight Control directs Type 9s straight to my dock... I'm still having things shipped from all around trying to make the ideal warship.
Not that I mind... despite everything, unpacking those cannisters is just like when I opened Christmas presents back home...

Before anyone assumes I'm one step away from setting fire to my workshop (joke's on you, I set it on fire yesterday!), I abso-LUTELY adore working on ships... doing insane things that no one would think of... it's lovely...

But... there's something missing that's blocking my entire progress... no matter how hard I look... I can't find it... and no one seems to be able to help.

I feel like... I can't keep working on my passion... I feel that I can't go one beceause I'm missing the key to my progress...
It's horrible... oh woe is me... why must I suffer so...
I've looked everywhere and I can't find--

Oh, hang on.
I found my Impact Wrench.... it was in my pocket.
Do you like it?