CMDR L. Colt
Mechanic / Freelancer
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Wu Guinagi Explorers Corp.
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Logbook entry

13 Mar 3303
L. Colt /
Why I left Carener (Carener Security - Complaint Report #2545921 - CMDR L. Colt)

CMDR L. Colt,

We send this message to you due to the sheer ammount of complaints that have been filed against you. The nature of these complaints are in direct connection to your actions in Butz Port, ranging from noise complaints to public indecency.

The complaints are as follows...
- Noise Complaint: Loud banging and clicking from your hangar.
- Noise Complaint: Even louder bangs coming from your hangar.
- Noise and Personal Damage complaint: Growling and screaming coming from your cargo hold. Damage caused to a dock worker when a wild gorilla broke free of a cargo cannister sent from Earth.
- Damage complaint: Substantial fire damage when your hangar bay doors blew open when you were testing out your "Biga Flamah" (NOTE: This is a direct quote from the CMDR when asked by authorities what had happened).
- Damage Complaint: Blown up hangar bay doors... a second time... with an Orca stuck in them... (Seriously?).
- Not a Complaint: Looking soooooooo god damned good!
- Security Complaint: Hacking into Security databases and editing complaint registries.
- Public Indecency: Running into the middle of the "Exotic Waters" store on the market because you were on fire after losing your fireproof clothing to said fire (How did you even?).
- Security Complaint: Publicly spreading ancient beliefs about the "Guidance of Emperor Trump".
- Damage complaint: Driving an SRV into the hangar bay doors while testing a new propulsion system using a "smaller scalled FSD drive"... and blowing them open a third time...

Following these complaints, the total fine adds up to 4,000,000,000 Cr. 1,000 Cr.

- Security Complaint: Hacking into Security databases again...

The payment of 5,000,000,000 Cr must be made within a week.

Thank you and have a good day.

Screw you guys! I'm going to Alliance space where I'll find a station with blackjack and hookers!
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