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15 Mar 3303
L. Colt /
Galactic Geographic - A Belugan Circle of Life

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I'm sir Reginald Los Colt and today we are bringing you our show all the way from Mizar!

Today, we have decided to search for one of the most fascinating lifeforms present in the Milky Way; the Beluga Liners and their life cycle!

Our trip began in Mizar where me and my companion Red Dog grabbed our holo-recorders and launched off on our FDLs because this is a dangerous zone, despite the high security.
We started searching on the outskirts of a white dwarf star on LP 131-66 where we headed to the Nav Beacon.
This place is home to a plethora of lifeforms. The Nav Beacons are the ideal place for any predator to hunt easy and unsuspecting prey... many Belugas are caught by these predators once they separate from their herds and find their way to what seems to be the "safest place" to wait while the herd returns... unfortunately, due to an extreme and surprising lack of comunication between members of the herd,when looking for a missing member, the remaining Belugas get lost aswell... some ending up several light years away from its herd. Many Beluga migrations never reach their destination...
A full Beluga herd may range from 4,000 to 6,000 members... however, due to the nature of their "lack of comunication",  only about 5 reach their destinations...
Despite the shocking decrease in numbers, these 5 survivors are more than enough to ensure that the Belugas never go extinct... an adult Beluga may lay up to 50,000,000,000 eggs on a single breeding cycle. Over 80% of these eggs will hatch into small baby Sidewinders... unfortunately, only 50% of these survive leaving its mother station...
Anyway... before sidetracking like a drifting Type-9... we were investigating the local Nav Beacon... but, after having a few... nasty... encounters with multiple predators and promptly dispatching them with ludicrous ammounts of multi-cannons, we decided to depart.
We decided to look around a station... hoping we'd find the graceful Belugas...
The path was hard and full of interdictions... we arrived at the station tired and nearly out of ammo.
But, our trip was well worth it! A herd of 3 Belugas! The gracious creatures we had been looking for!
We kept our distance in order not to frighten the creatures as they approached  the station for the breeding ritual
However... the three were floating around, engaging in a unique ritual... the three were attempting to comunicate with the station... but, due to their inability to comunicate, they simply floated for hours until, eventually, one of them lined up with the entrance and went for it... followed by the other two...
A few minutes later, the three departed from the station... having deposited their eggs and, having completed their purpose in life, they went into the vast  void of space... to be probably eaten by pirates...

Except they turned around...
... they are going for round 2...

How can anyone still wonder why so many compulsive interdictors are using Sidewinders...
Do you like it?