CMDR L. Colt
Mechanic / Freelancer
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Wu Guinagi Explorers Corp.
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17 Mar 3303
L. Colt /
The Alioth Crash Test Dummy


The Alliance finally took notice of my arrival in Alioth... so they contacted me and asked me if I could test out a few safety features they are developing for some of their ships. This included bullet and impact proof canopies, adjustable gimbaled landing gear (I'm really excited for this one), quick-response air brakes, fire proof interiors (HAH, I'd like to see them try!) and even eject seats!
I'm like a kid in a candy shop! So, with all these prototypes and experimental upgrades, I prepared the best thing I know. I had to... gotta score me some "hey, there's this guy I know" points with the Alliance!
... so I set up a crash test course inside the station! Anayeli was a bit skeptical at first, but she agreed to record the tests with a holo-recorder!
The Alliance sugested I used Sidewinder to test it out because they are cheap and pretty much everywhere.
But since I respect ALL ships equally... I decided to rent one of each from Carener using an alias (they don't really like me in Carener anymore... *sniff*).
Needless to say they aren't getting them back. I've got biiiiiiiig plans.
So, the first test was performed with a Sidewinder with a thruster upgrade that is supposed to avoid boosting if there's an obstacle iin the way... and, quoting that popular frase I found on the 2nd Milennia archives, "CHALLANGE ACCEPTED". I also nicknamed the ship "Bang Ding-Ow".
Unfortunately,some debris from the station wall hit Anayeli... so I don't have the rest recorded...
"Bang Ding-Ow" and the rest did fine though. I got an Orca stuck in the hangar bay doors again... and some pieces of the Imperial Cutter (I've got no idea how Carener Rental Services rented one of these to a guy called "Imgon Crashem Al"... especially when the payment comes AFTER returning the ships) did crush my Fer-De-Lance...
That was sad... but then I remembered I still had more ship to crash!

Anyway, have to go get Anayeli from the hospital! Supposedly she won't remember anything... amnesia and all... but it's gonna be hard how our fresh new hangar is... slighlty on fire...

P.S.: Fireproof interiors didn't work... gonna take a while to grow these eyebrows back.
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