CMDR Li Wei-Mu Celestun
Asp Explorer
Credit Balance
35,189,973 Cr
Registered ship name
Overall assets
82,714,253 Cr

Logbook entry

15 Mar 3303
Li Wei-Mu Celestun /
Log Entry #012: Words of a Seasoned Explorer

15 March, 3303
Farseer Inc, DECIAT

As I ran back and forth to bring Felicity data and materials, I started getting acquainted with her. Meanwhile, she was happy to share a story or two while tinkering my ship. That was when I realized there was so much more to this old lady than meets the eye. She talked about how she was determined to be an explorer at a very young age, and how she discovered almost an entire sector of the galaxy alone in her ASP Explorer. The name 'Felicity Farseer' must carry some serious weight amongst explorers. Fortunately, she was not at all offended by my ignorance.

'All I ever wanted was to follow my heart. Fame means very little to me.' She explained.

We tested out quite a few modifications on my ASP. They do not always produce satisfactory results but we kept trying. In the end, we settled for a series of modifications that focus mainly on ship maneuverability and jump distance. In Felicity's word, this ship is 'not very outstanding, but ready for anything the void has to throw at her'. She recommended me taking the ship out for a trip. Coalsack Nebula, she pointed out, could be a nice start for some 'serious' exploring. Before we part, she called me back one more time.

'Seeing new blood like you always reminds me of the good old days. Listen, kid. You don't have to do this for a living, but never abandon that curiosity in your heart.'

Good advice, I guess. It's still too early to dedicate myself to a life-long wandering in the void, but an expedition now and then would be fun. Coalsack, isn't it? Maybe I'll give it a try.

CMDR Li, signing off.
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