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06 Mar 3303
Andrew Crisp /
Entry 1 - The Right Name For the Right Job

March 6, 3303
D'Eyncourt Gateway, Lalande 27055

Commander's Log, first entry:

After some effort, and making a small name for myself among some of the more democratic Alliance factions, I have amassed enough credits to purchase a vessel suitable for the exploration voyages I long to make.  The Cobra Mk III has its limits, but I believe with the right outfitting, I will have a vessel that can take me far into the galaxy and bring me home safely.  

Proper outfitting will take some time - and no small amount of credits.  The 4A class Frame Shift Drive alone needs nearly two million credits, and I see similar prices for the discovery scanners.  It appears I will need to continue my current role as trader for a while.  It's difficult to make money in this part of the bubble, especially when the more lucrative jobs are combat related... and highly illegal.  But I have no intentions of breaking the law.  I may be planning to leave human space, but I do wish to return someday, and I dearly want to make sure my record is clean when I do.

In the meantime, I spend my time getting used to how the Cobra handles - it is a much larger ship than the Sidewinder, with thrusters to match; I have had difficulty exiting stations without risking collision or exceeding speed limits by accident.  But my landing skills are improving; I am now able to set down on most low gravity worlds with relative ease, and my ability to drive an SRV and interpret its scanner properly are also climbing.  I'm amassing a small but respectable amount of materials for synthesis purposes; when I finally go out into the void, I should be well-stocked for emergencies.  

In the meantime, my vessel needs a name, both for official registry and for my own sake - the standard code of "Delacy-Alpha-November-Delta" seems somewhat... dull.  I want a name that evokes the thrills I have already experienced, such as the DC-class dwarf star at Devi, whose gas plumes haunt me with their beauty.  A taste of what I will experience out there.  

There is a quote from an ancient tale, well over a thousand years old, that grips my mind since I first read it.  "I am tormented by an everlasting itch for things remote; I love to sail forbidden seas and land on barbarous coasts."

Forbidden Seas... Yes.  That is a good name.

System: Register ship name as Forbidden Seas.
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