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12 Mar 3303
Andrew Crisp /
Entry 3 - First Excursion

March 12, 3303,
Yourkevitch Terminal, LHS 2482

I am stopping at this station to pick up some final provisions before setting out on my first expedition. Since my Frame Shift Drive is still factory-grade, I've aimed for a modest goal, a blue star known as Hip 63835, approximately 266 light-years from my current position. My route gives me 37 jumps to reach this star.

It's entirely possible this star has been visited already - it's close enough to the Bubble I'd be surprised if no-one else had travelled to it. Yet, Universal Cartographics reports no data on the star beyond distance and spectral class. Who knows what I may find there?

I have not forgotten my invitation from Felicity Farseer. But I think I need to make this excursion outside the Bubble before I visit her. Besides, I've learned from other explorers that she wants a sample of meta-alloy before she will deal with a prospective explorer. Meta-alloy is very rare, very expensive, and very hard to find. While I might be fortunate and find some on a distant world on this expedition, I suspect I will have to find a sample on the market.

This system is rife with conflict, so I plan to stay no longer than I have to - I've already experienced two interdictions on my way here. I will also need a safe harbor on my return - preferably within Alliance space. I suspect I will be sleeping on board ship for a while - I had better pick up some items for personal hygiene before I go, and insure the ship's air filters are working perfectly.
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