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13 Mar 3303
Andrew Crisp /
Entry 5 - I've arrived.

March 12, 3303 (Supplemental)
Hip 63835 ABCD 1

I arrived at Hip 63835 almost an hour ago. The system has a beauty and a wealth of objects unlike any other system I've visited to date. I counted at least three black holes, two brown dwarfs, gas giants, water giants, and icy and rocky bodies. In addition to the O class star itself, there's a red dwarf companion - so no shortage of fuel so long as my scoop holds out.

As I suspected, someone else has already been here; I won't be breaking new ground. But the scans I took should be of value to the scientific community.

I've touched down on the one planet that is deemed landable by my scans. Again, there are no signals of human artifacts or habitation. Since it is so late (almost midnight by my ship's clock), I will save exploration of the surface until tomorrow.

And then what? Forbidden Seas has performed magnificently on this excursion, I've encountered no hostility apart from a lone skimmer, my fuel stores remain full, and I myself am in high spirits. I've accomplished everything I set out to do on this expedition. It's tempting to press further on.

But I know the ship has its limits - especially a lack for self-repair if I run into trouble. Plus, there are more upgrades I need to do before I can attempt more ambitious journeys.

I have to plan my exact route, but I'm thinking of heading north some fifty to seventy light-years, then turning back to Alliance space and a friendly port. Assuming no trouble, and no side-discoveries that will hold me further, I should return to the Bubble in two days.

But first - sleep.
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