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14 Mar 3303
Andrew Crisp /
Entry 6 - Back in the Bubble

March 14, 3303,
Sohl Installation, Velas

I'm writing this at 4 AM ship's time so I hope any readers will forgive my grogginess.

I just docked at Sohl Installation in the Velas system, an independent polity on the outer edge of the Bubble, for repairs, resupply, and some much needed rest.

Also cargo offloading. On one planet on my return leg I found a destroyed SRV with scattered canisters and materials. No body, so I hope the driver made it safely offworld, but it seemed strange that there was salvage present, and unguarded. Scans revealed it to be legal in most systems, so I secured a couple of canisters to return to the Bubble.

I suppose I could have secured it all, but I've already encountered two more pirates on my return trip - both which left me alone as the pirates I encountered on my outward journey. The pirates must have ignored me due to my empty cargo hold. Two canisters they might - might! - overlook, but six? Best not to push my luck.

I also touched base with the local Universal Cartographics division, to assess the data I'd collected on my excursion. Over 600,000 credits! There were no outfitting facilities at this base, or I might have tried to make upgrades right away. That can wait until after I'd gotten to a more well-equipped port.

I'll be sleeping well tonight.
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