CMDR Zinnsei
Freelancer / Explorer
Imperial Cutter
Aisling Duval
Credit Balance
13,350,000 Cr
Registered ship name
Zemt Quinta Essentia
Ghost Legion
Overall assets
261,486,630 Cr


23 Apr 3303
Zinnsei /
Entry #014 - Homewards

Commander's log, 23 APR 3303 Supplemental. After having seen to the memorial services for Napoleon and the ill fated crew, I ordered the course laid in for "The Great Annihilator", a couple of black holes orbiting each other, about 2000 ly out from the core. We're homeward bound now. The surviving crew of the Zenith is tired and shaken. So am I. As we departed the system of Sag A. I...

23 Apr 3303
Zinnsei /
Entry #013 - Eulogy

Commander's Log, 23 APR. 3303 System: Sagittarius A* 1100 hours, ship's time. The following is a transcript from the memorial services held on Deck 5 of the Zemt Quinta Essentia, 23. APR. 3303 "Napoleon Ferguson was my friend. We first met each other on PEW-1901 in the Aditi system. I was running data for the Empire, as a young Viscount, trying to prove myself to the powers that be, and...

18 Apr 3303
Zinnsei /
Entry #012 - Seeing ghosts

Commander's log, 18 APR, 3303 We're a little more than half way to Sag A, or Saga, as some call it. We've set down on a beautiful planet, bathed in the hot glow of a red giant. With only 4.800 LY left, there seems to be an end to this part of the journey in sight. I am concerned though. These past two days there have been some pretty strange occurrences aboard. I feel like I'm back aboard...

16 Apr 3303
Zinnsei /
Entry #011 - Nightmares and new friends

Commander's log, 16 APR, 3303 I woke up screaming last night. I saw Napoleon through the viewport of the escape pod, as he saluted me, but as the pod shot away from the wreckage, he caught fire. He burned so fiercely and I could almost hear him scream my name. I turned away in horror, but as I turned my back I found myself standing face to face with him, still burning but now he wasn't screaming,...

15 Apr 3303
Zinnsei /
Entry #010 - Defeat

Commander's log, 15 APR, 3303 They're gone. The logs, the crew, the ship... Napoleon. A short recap is in order, I assume. About a month ago, we set out for the Core. It was a spur of the moment thing and before we knew it, we were more than halfway there. We explored the neutron stars, the black holes and the vistas along the way. We even tested out the new camera suite and made some nice shots....

18 Mar 3303
Zinnsei /
Entry #009 - Blood on my hands

Commander's log, 18 MAR 3303 It is with a heavy heart, I write this log. The Zenith's shore leave was cut short, when a request for help came in over the wire today. A total of 24 people had been kidnapped in what I can only assume was a coordinated effort. I received word while docked at Colonia Hub and was asked - more like begged - to assist. Needless to say I scrambled for Jaques Station immediately....

16 Mar 3303
Zinnsei /
Entry #008 - A mad scramble across the galaxy

Commander's log, 16 MAR 3303 We made it! Late last night, at 23:00 ship's time, we made berth at Jaques Station. As it turned out, the neutron highway stretched all the way to Colonia, albeit with some detours to stay in the fast lane. We made 9000 LY in a single day, which is completely unheard of! Now I am left with a feeling of quiet disappointment because we could have stayed in the neutron...

15 Mar 3303
Zinnsei /
Entry #007 - Stamina

Commander's log, 15 MAR 3303 I regret it, but the time has come to leave the Neutron Fields behind us and start moving in the direction of Colonia. We're less than 10.000 LY away, but as we're progressing towards our goal, the neutron stars are farther and farther between. I fear that if we don't keep up the pace, we'll be late. On a positive note we have come across so much beauty and mind-blowing...

13 Mar 3303
Zinnsei /
Entry #006 - Rigging

Commander's log, 13. March 3303 We spent the entirety of yesterday rigging the Zenith for the Neutron-turbulence. As I had suspected the damage was worst in the galley. Broken cups and plates, but nothing too worrisome. Elsewhere lockers had been emptied and shelves lost their load. We went over the entire boat, securing every single item that might be sent tumbling in the case of renewed plume...

11 Mar 3303
Zinnsei /
Entry #005 - The Clock is Ticking!

Commander's Log, 11. March 3303 (Updated) This has become a race against time. We've just left Eagle's Landing at 09:23 UST, heading for a string of Neutron Stars aligned with the Core. I went out in the SRV, as this has become a sort of ritual for me, whenever we visit a new base. I found some deposits, a few kilometers out from the base, including some rather nice deposits of Germanium. I was...