CMDR Zinnsei
Freelancer / Explorer
Imperial Cutter
Aisling Duval
Credit Balance
13,350,000 Cr
Registered ship name
Zemt Quinta Essentia
Ghost Legion
Overall assets
261,486,630 Cr

Logbook entry

15 Mar 3303
Zinnsei /
Entry #007 - Stamina

Commander's log, 15 MAR 3303

I regret it, but the time has come to leave the Neutron Fields behind us and start moving in the direction of Colonia. We're less than 10.000 LY away, but as we're progressing towards our goal, the neutron stars are farther and farther between. I fear that if we don't keep up the pace, we'll be late.

On a positive note we have come across so much beauty and mind-blowing vistas out here. Every star a little different from the last one. On one occasion we jumped into a system with a black hole at its core, orbited by a neutron star, a white dwarf and a planet with a moon rich on metals. I ordered a full sweep of the system after which we landed on the moon and found materials enough to restock our AFMU. What a gem!

Now we're back to jumping and honking and only taking time out of the race to scan the most interesting sights. I'll be damned if I'm to be a wanted person because of 150 cr. - besides, it would reflect poorly on my rank of Duke within the Empire. I'm sure Her Highness would be most displeased with a prominent member of her court behaving as such.

The ship has taken a few knocks in the last two days of scrambling. We're down 2 percent in hull structure and only a few of the systems are at 100 percent, but this is indeed the time to show one's mettle. I'm reminded of ancient history - specifically on how they used to test the submersible vehicles of old, the so called "submarines". On shakedown cruises they would often take the boat below its maximum depth to see how far they could be pushed. This way, when push came to shove, the captains knew exactly how much they could press both ship and crew.

Not that this is exactly the same, but there is definitely something to lose and thusly the Zenith will have to undergo some stress of it's own.

Let us see the quantity of our stamina!

CMDR Zinnsei, signing off.
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