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19 Mar 3303
Legacygundam /
CMR_LG06_LOG-001 "Inaugural Entry" JD:2457831.5

March 19, 3303

Well, it has been a few weeks since I started my career as a commander in a cheap little Sidewinder (what I affectionately and appropriately call The Starter) like so many other commanders have before me have and I figured it was time to start my log. Right now I find the idea of making log entries tedious, but it is an accepted and practiced way for most commanders to chronicle their travels and experiences, and- in the end- it maybe all that remains of me in the future.

So, in a few short weeks I have gone from a Sidewinder to a Hauler to my current ship- a Cobra MK III named The Long Tier. I have earned my living from data delivery, mining, and bounty hunting (with Federation security assistance) and have built up a pretty good reputation with the Federation and some of its associated factions. I have found it taxing trying to keep my good standing with the factions as I tend to take on more request then I complete within the allotted time; it is something need to work on. I have "kept my nose clean"- as an old saying goes- for the most part, but I have had some unpleasant dealings with the law; one in particular misunderstanding led to the lost of two ships! It is amazing, but despite having lost 5 ships (something I am not proud of) I am still around to tell about it; those escape pods are well built and certainly do their job, although they are quite unpleasant to spend any extended amount of time in. It is better than being dead though, so I am not complaining.

Moving on, I have pledged my allegiance to Edmund Mahon of the Alliance. It is a risky move considering I am based in Federation space at the moment, but I agree with the man more than I do any of the other "big players" as I call them. I have also joined the Wu Guianagi Explorers Corp.- a small (three members including me) but interesting wing based some 267.43LY from my present location. Their- rather our- leader is... eccentric, but I do like his ambition and his references to 20th century Earth pop culture; a hobby of mine. He has issued a important notice to have the wing return to The Bubble to prepare for a suspected alien invasion, but my ship is not exactly ready for a long trip. He reports his current location is Alioth so I might try to meet up with him near there. It is a little closer than any system in the The Bubble.

I think that will do it for this entry. I do not know how often I will make these, but hopefully I will remember to take the time to make them when I have the chance and if anything interesting comes my way. Until then...

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