CMDR Daygloviking
Explorer / Freelancer
Asp Explorer
Zachary Hudson
Credit Balance
44,258,837 Cr
Registered ship name
Overall assets
251,630,845 Cr


21 Apr 3303
Daygloviking /
Tiffin time.

Managed to jump a bit further. No idea what's going on back in the Bubble but the guys in the bar were really informative. Seems one day we can go walkabouts and step out now and then. My longrange bank tells me the Prez owes me some more money, so I'll have to go see him again some day. Tea tastes funny today. Must fix the teamate. All that stellar dust is crudding up the paintwork. I should...

17 Apr 3303
Daygloviking /
Damnable critters...

Not sure if the Beachball has been chewing at the computer core or the Ol' Janx Spirit kicked in too hard last time but the duotronic chips look like someone was setting up an epic domino challenge. Might have been me. Still, Cleo and I aren't going anywhere until this is sorted out. Good thing that neutron off the bow will sing so sweetly to me through the long galactic night. Dang but I...

13 Apr 3303
Daygloviking /
A star full of seas

15kly into the core. 15kly of forgetting all that insanity surrounding the Bubble since those weird ships showed up. 15kly between my precious Cleo and whatever the heck is going on over there. Mind you, there are some things amiss. You just can't step outside and touch up the paint. Cleo understands though. She still flies straight and true even if she's missing the soft, cool spray of a Gretchen's...