CMDR Harfang
Enforcer / Mercenary
Imperial Cutter
Aisling Duval
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[ALA] Agentes Libres de Aisling
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20 Apr 3303
Harfang /
33030419 De vuelta volando

Desde diciembre pasado me fui de los Templarios para unirme a los Agentes libres de Aylin. La verdad es que me han acogido muy bien. Estuve trabajando con ellos para promover el gobierno de Scarlet, hasta que me cogieron por ahí piloteando con pasajeros a bordo un poco tomado. Ya que por orden judicial me mantuvieron en dique seco, entonces estuve trabajando en nuestra estación principal para nuestro...

09 Nov 3302
Harfang /
33021109 Back from nice holidays on Embakasi

It's been a week since I ended  those long and nice vacations to Embakasi, Reynes.   I have been helping in Zvaithogg our minor factions with standard and  passengers missions.   I bought a new Beluga  for bus jobs and scientist transportations.  I tried with tourist but It's definately not for me.  If a take turists again for long runs, I fear someone will end with a bullet in the head or airlocked... I...

15 Sep 3302
Harfang /
33020915 Phi Eridani war triumph

The whole last week I have been in the war. We crushed our enemies and now we hold the government in Phi Eridani. It's been a lot of fun to fly again in wing with my fellow Templars.

29 Aug 3302
Harfang /
33020829 Morai and the new Majestic Interdictors

During the las week I have been helping our faction to oppose the government in Phi Eridani.  I am still looking for some data to finish all the dirty driving rank 3 updates.  Then Admiral Patreus called for an amazingly great business opportunity.  For 3 days, I have been selling superconductors to Morai.   I'm amazed how well the Navy has paid me to reach to maintain myself at top 10%.  I earned...

19 Aug 3302
Harfang /
33020819 Finally rank 5 with Mrs. Farseer

I hate to depend from a Fed institution, but I must recognize Mrs. Farseer is a fair lady and she did a Great job on my Cutter Robert-D'Artois. To buy the last commodity that were require, I had to travel to the Lave Cluster. I was back to the Alliance territory after years (the very first months after the release of the game), when I was a free lancer trader in that area. I still have my old...

18 Aug 3302
Harfang /

During the last 2 weeks, I have been looking for some componants to updrade my ship with Farseer.  I don't like to travel deep in Feds territory but the old women got what I need.  Three days ago I got finally those modular terminals, so I upgrade my FSD to rank 3 on my ships Robert-D'Artois, Albocacer and Tizona.  Today I did the 4th FSD upgrade on Robert-D'Artois, just 9 jumps to get to Baal and...

10 Aug 3302
Harfang /

During the last week I have been seeking within wreckage some material needed to upgrade the FSD on both Albocacer and Tizona.  I am glad to be finally back to Baal. Now I am gonna sign some contract missions until I get the Modular terminals I desperately need.  At the same time, It will allow me to help TWT in their new expansion.

21 Jun 3302
Harfang /

It's been a long time since I was not flying. I have been sent to Baal A2 by the Templars Conclave to solve my Onionhead consumption... But now I am back in the frey. I am working with Mrs. Farseer to get my Imperial Cutter pimped. It seems we are quite out of combat, very bad for a Chivalric Order, but that's what it is... I hate that state of peace, but Mrs Farseer keeps me busy and...

10 Mar 3302
Harfang /

I have been around fighting with the templars, mainly opposition and undermining, against kumo crew and Hudson's Fed scums. Today I am back to home, fortifiyng.

26 Feb 3302
Harfang /

I had the pleasure to fight in wing in Federal Territory, Hudson and Winters, to oppose so invasives expansions.  I had also the pleasure to kill my 16th PVP.

I am proud of my new acquisition: another FDL. Now the the Cid Campeador, I have both swords, Colada, equipped with 2 rail guns and 2 hammers, and Tizona equipped for undermining, with pulse lasers and plasma accelerator.