CMDR Jermus Karlsen
Freelancer / Explorer
Type-6 Transporter
Credit Balance
603,159 Cr
Registered ship name
Overall assets
4,380,734 Cr

Credits and assets

25 Mar 2017
Credits: 603,159 Cr / Assets: 4,380,734 Cr
25 Mar 2017
Credits: 1,658,894 Cr / Assets: 4,318,149 Cr
23 Mar 2017
Credits: 1,123,640 Cr / Assets: 3,853,470 Cr
20 Mar 2017
Credits: 659,625 Cr / Assets: 3,387,940 Cr
18 Mar 2017
Credits: 534,068 Cr / Assets: 2,661,804 Cr
18 Mar 2017
Credits: 352,379 Cr / Assets: 2,481,630 Cr
16 Mar 2017
Credits: 1,472,885 Cr / Assets: 2,252,570 Cr
15 Mar 2017
Credits: 1,190,835 Cr / Assets: 1,933,300 Cr
04 Mar 2017
Credits: 1,268,141 Cr / Assets: 1,549,407 Cr


Name: SPIN
Type: Sidewinder Mk I

Type: Adder

Type: Type-6 Transporter

30 Jan 3303
Jermus Karlsen /
Jermus Karlsen - Space Janitor

Jermus Karlsen, born on 14 NOV 3253 at La Cosa Base in the LHS 3447 system.

In 3267 both his parents died in a shuttle crash when returning from having attended a business meeting in Worlidge Terminal, leaving him in foster care until coming of age. At the age of 18 he took part in a subsidised pilots training program, after which he flew for one year for a Worlidge Terminal based company delivering supplies to Edward Enterprise, Gwynn Installation, Kozin's Inheritence and Barnes Landing. In 3276 he started working as a member of the light maintenance crew at Trevithic Dock.

On 09 MAR 3302 Jermus Karlsen met a commander who was about to set out on his first exploration trip. Why that day he decided to stray from his usually solitary pattern is not known, but Jermus and the commander spent the whole evening and the better part of the night together exchanging stories and experiences in the local bar.

That evening Jermus Karlsen shared his story about how he tracked down the shuttle pilot that survived the crash in which his parents died, the way he delivered the message to said pilot that a shuttle pilot should not RemLock away from a failing shuttle when it is filled with passengers among whom his parents, that this somewhat rash action got him banned from pilot jobs in LHS 3447 and surrounding systems, his surprise about his pilots licence not being revoked and finally, still, his dream that maybe someday he would have his own spaceship (although he admitted that being stuck in the same underpaid job for so many years did not help fueling the hope on his dream being fulfilled in the near future).

Upon hearing this story the commander made Jermus a promise: Expecting to return rich from the exploration trip he would buy Jermus Karlsen a Sidewinder upon his return and provide him with some seed money to get him going as independent pilot.

Knowing the likelihood of returning rich from exploration and the value of promises made on long nights filled with too much talk and alcohol, Jermus Karlsen dismissed the promise as never have been made and he did not expect to see or hear from the commander ever again. What remained of that night was the memory of a good conversation, pleasant company and the laugh they had when they found out that they shared the same given name.

Imagine the surprise when Jermus Karlsen received the following letter:


                                                                                                                          Obsidian Orbital

Jermus Karlsen
Trevithick Dock
LHS 3447

Date: 30-01-3303

Re: CMDR Jermus deceased.

I am the appointed representive for the above named deceased. I am pleased to inform
you that I have now completed the administration of CMDR Jermus' belongings and I
have enclosed a cheque for CR 1000,- and a voucher for a standard Sidewinder MKI,
representing the inheritance due to you. I would be grateful if you would countersign
and return the enclosed copy of the account summary to acknowledge the safe receipt
of your cheque and voucher.

Yours sincerely,
Airadan Bent

1. Copy of the account summary
2. Personal letter from the deceased to Jermus Karlsen
3. Cheque for CR 1000,-
4. Voucher for a standard Sidewinder MKI, redeemable at Trevithick Dock's Outfitting

Enclosure 1. Copy of the account summary

Relating to the late CMDR Jermus

Who died on 29 JAN 3303

1. CMDR Jermus, late of Elgin Hub, Chertan made his Will and Testament on 30 NOV 3302
2. Probate was granted out of Obsidian Orbital, Maia on 30 JAN 3303
3. The executor was: Airadan Bent (appointed)
4. By his Will the deceased gave:
  Pecuniary legacies:
  - 1000,- Cr: to Jermus Karlsen
  Specific legacies:
  - Voucher for a standard Sidewinder MKI, redeemable at Trevithic Dock's Outfitting: to Jermus Karlsen

Signed in acknowledgement of payment / redemption:

Signature ......................................

Print name ..................................... Date .....................................

Enclosure 2. Personal letter from the deceased to Jermus Karlsen

                                                                                                                          Obsidian Orbital

Jermus Karlsen
Trevithick Dock
LHS 3447

Date: 13 JAN 3303

Re: Space Janitor's Space Quest

Hello Jermus,

If you receive this letter it means I did not survive my latest adventure. Therefore I
will no longer be able to fullfil my promises to you in person, which kind of saddens
me. I think I would have liked to get to know you better. After all, not many people
working as a space janitor in the light maintenance crew for so long at an outpost
dock as you still have the aspiration to become pilot. Top that off with our shared
love for space ships and the odd chance of us sharing the same first name and
I think we would have had a solid base for a lasting friendship. I want you to know
that I immensely enjoyed the evening in that sorry excuse for a bar we had together.

If I did my paperwork correctly this letter will be accompanied by the documents
giving you access to the things I promised you. Don't let my death, nor your age
(nor me calling you a space janitor) keep you from fulfilling your dream to become
a pilot!

I followed my dream and it took me all the way to Beagle Point, and next it will take
me on the Distant Stars Expedition. The only thing I regret so far is that I did not visit
Jaques in Colonia.

Go! Follow your dream and let there be no regrets!

Yours truly,
CMDR Jermus

Enclosure 3. Cheque for CR 1000,-

- Cashed in -

Enclosure 4. Voucher for a standard Sidewinder MKI

- Redeemed -
Do you like it?


20 Mar 3303
Jermus Karlsen /
New Job: Prospector

I have a new job! I am now a prospector for the Rock Research Ring. How does it work? Well basically you fly into asteroid belts and planetary rings and determine what materials can be gathered there. I was drawn to this job by reading the local bulletin board at Jaques Station. The job does not pay well, but you are allowed to sell all materials mined during the prospecting operation, and that...

18 Mar 3303
Jermus Karlsen /

I'm now mining outside the resource extraction sites.

There's a lot less pirates over there, but I don't know whether I can find the good stuff there

16 Mar 3303
Jermus Karlsen /

They stole my refined ore! They stole my precious metals. And the lowlifes were just waiting there behind some asteroids waiting for my cargo hold to become full!

If I ever find out who is responsible for this kind of low-life behavior history might repeat itself!

Achievements history

25 Mar 2017
Engineer access: Tod "The Blaster" McQuinn Invited
20 Mar 2017
Pilot's Combat rank: Mostly Harmless
18 Mar 2017
Pilot's Exploration rank: Mostly Aimless
18 Mar 2017
Bought ship Type-6 Transporter
17 Mar 2017
Pilot's Trade rank: Dealer
15 Mar 2017
Bought ship Adder
01 Feb 2017
Pilot's Trade rank: Peddler
01 Feb 2017
Pilot's Trade rank: Mostly Penniless
01 Feb 2017
Engineer access: Elvira Martuuk Invited
29 Jan 2017
Bought ship Sidewinder Mk I


Combat rank
Mostly Harmless

Trade rank

Exploration rank
Mostly Aimless

Imperial Navy rank

Federal Navy rank

Inara rankings





Commander info

Game version:
E:D Horizons (PC)

Preferred style:

Preferred role:
Freelancer / Explorer

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