CMDR Cartlidge1000
Bounty hunter / Trader
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Registered ship name
Paladin Mk III
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Name: Paladin Mk III
Type: Fer-de-Lance
Role: Heavy Interceptor

Name: Galleon Mk II
Type: Python
Role: Cargo Transport for outposts

Name: Merchant Mk I
Type: Type-9 Heavy
Role: Heavy trader in non-hazardous zones

Name: Trebuchet Mk III
Type: Asp Explorer
Role: Long range transport and exploration vessel

Name: Villager Mk II
Type: Cobra Mk IV
Role: Mining vessel

Name: T1 Angry Swallow
Type: Eagle Mk II
Role: Escort fighter

09 Sep 3302
Cartlidge1000 /

Name: Jacob Cartlidge

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: ERROR/ERROR/3273

Place of Birth: ERROR

Hight: 175cm/ 5'9"

Weight: 160lb/ 72.6kg

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Grey

Physical Characteristics:
Cartlidge is thinly built: he maintains a proper and healthy level of body fat, yet his muscle mass is slightly lacking. When he is not in his commander flightsuit, he is almost always seen wearing an old grey cotton jacket over a plain T-shirt and cargo pants. His face is often covered in a thin layer of stubble, as he usually waits a few days before shaving. The most prominent feature is his right eye, which is faded white. A vertical scar intersects the area; a wound inflicted when Cartlidge first lost the eye.

Cartlidge's faded eye is actually prosthetic. The ocular implant serves several critical roles. First, it allows the pilot to maintain his ability to fly, as a one-eyed pilot wound not be very good. Second, the implant meticulously scans its target constantly, allowing Cartlidge to recognize facial expressions, gestures, attacks, and where the target is aiming in a fraction of a second, giving him seemingly unnatural reflexes. Third, the implant uses a faint signal to connect directly to Cartlidge's personal sidearm, allowing Cartlidge to aim with extreme precision. He scarcely ever misses.

Known Crew: 2 current members

Ten: Informatics and navigation specialist
Adult woman in mid-twenties. Key features include significant augmentation of the entire body, with prosthetic replacements for both eyes and the right arm. This arm carries several multi-purpose tools and weapons for increased survivability in hazardous zones.

Nick: combat support and covert elimination specialist
Young adult man in late teens. No key features. Note: individual is extremely dexterous and should be engaged with caution. Individual often uses a concealable rifle for combat, and has an accuracy rating on par with Cartlidge if given the opportunity to surprise his opponent.

Cartlidge can be boiled down to two words: curious and paranoid. He is extremely inquisitive by nature, often eavesdropping on other conversations even when he has no reason to. Naturally this means Cartlidge causes trouble wherever he goes. Because of this, he has also learned to detect a would-be killer before he/she has a chance to strike. If he has the opportunity, he prefers to get along with others and avoid fighting, but that doesn't mean he will hesitate if things fall apart.
Though he prefers the quiet of trading, this talent has allowed him to excel as a bounty hunter, detecting a wanted ship nine times out of ten before his scanner has even determined the shield strength of the ship in question.
Cartlidge has a peculiar sense of morality compared to the average pilot. While at times he may refuse to partake in smuggling, piracy, and even some forms of mercenary work, he does not hesitate to kill a target if he deems it necessary, particularly when the individual is wanted. Furthermore, there have been multiple incidents where he has come into conflict with local security forces. The reason for these inconsistencies is unknown.
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20 Mar 3303
Cartlidge1000 /
The Novice Assassin: Part 6

Though not as elegant as the Imperial Cutter, the Anaconda’s interior was still significantly more comfortable than the few cramped compartments that comprised his Eagle. Nick wanted desperately to take a tour of the ship, but knew he was short on time. After taking a moment to enjoy the ship’s built-in elevator, he beelined for the pilot’s seat. Nick strapped himself in, then pulled a chip out of...

16 Mar 3303
Cartlidge1000 /
The Novice Assassin: Part 5

After wrapping up their talk, Persing had one of his guards, the same one who piloted one of the Anacondas, escort Nick back to his ship. As the pair walked, Nick finalized the details of his plan. During their meeting, Nick was able to glean something important from Persing. The Anaconda’s that escorted him here were gifts from Whistmire. If he could simply get access to one of the ship’s navigational...

27 Feb 3303
Cartlidge1000 /
The Novice Assassin: Part 4

To Nick’s surprise, the interior of the Cutter was even more beautiful than the exterior. Nearly everything on the ship had a holographic interface, and bright blue lights followed them throughout the ship's extensive, and surprisingly roomy halls. We entered cavernous and luxurious dining room, with fine wooden chairs magnetically attached to the floor. An array of luxurious foods that Nick didn’t...

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E:D Horizons (Xbox One)

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PvE only

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Bounty hunter / Trader

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