CMDR Harfang
Enforcer / Mercenary
Imperial Cutter
Aisling Duval
Credit Balance
Registered ship name
[ALA] Agentes Libres de Aisling
Overall assets


Name: Albocácer
Type: Anaconda
Role: bounty hunting

Name: Colada
Type: Fer-de-Lance
Role: pvp fdl

Name: Calatrava
Type: Imperial Clipper
Role: parade, tourism, parties (with females slaves)

Name: Robert-d'Artois
Type: Imperial Cutter
Role: Exploration, surface mining

Name: Leodagan
Type: Python
Role: missions

Name: Miravet
Type: Imperial Courier
Role: Missions, planetary exploration, minor faction stuff

Name: Gladius II
Type: Imperial Eagle
Role: pvp training and drill, tournament

Name: Tizona
Type: Fer-de-Lance
Role: undermining, opposition

Name: Galadriel
Type: Beluga Liner

Name: Gladius
Type: Eagle Mk II

Name: Bucket
Type: Sidewinder Mk I

08 Dec 3301
Harfang /
Short autobiography

I am Duke Harfang, I have been serving traditionnalist factions of the Empire for a long time, but my convictions have been deceived.

Soy el Duque Harfang. He sido un tradicionalista imperial durante mucho tiempo, he fundado la OCI, he servido entre los Templarios blancos, pero mis convicciones fueron un engaño, de ello testimonio hoy en día.

I was born in Kaiakul, in Barlowe Station.  My father was a Mining Company Patron and my eldest brother took over the family business after my father passing in a mining accident in 3283.  I always wanted to become a pilot so I was sent to the Imperial Navy Academy in Facece  and then another space flight academy in Nu (after I was expelled from the Imperial Navy Academy for a sex scandal with the Colonel daughter).  As a very young man, I was quite rebel and I neglected my Imperial origins and went to work as a trader in a "free" star cluster: Leesti and the Lave area.  

Nací en Kaiakul, en Barlowe Station.  Mi padre era dueño de una empresa de minería y fue mi hermano mayor quien tomo la riendas de la empresa cuando mi padre murió en una accidente minero en 3283.  Siempre quise ser piloto y mi padre me envió a la Academia de pilotos de la Marina Imperial en Facece y luego a una academia de vuelo en NU (luego de que fui expulsado de la Marina Imperial por un escándalo sexual con la hija del Coronel a cargo de la Academia.  Cuando era joven, yo era bastante rebelde, y en cierto período llegue a negar mis orígenes imperiales y me fui a trabajar como comerciante  en una zona estelar libre, de la Alianza, Leesti y Lave.

Nevertheless, I found out quickly that freedom and liberty means nothing but chaos and unleashed violence, so I headed back to the land of my mother, Kamocan.  I worked hard there as a trader. Life between Agarla and Kamocan was good, I made quite a fortune through the Kamocan-Indrachit-Gridge trading route and I knew very good people and great Imperial traditionalists, wich share Hispanic background like me and the vision of an Empire loyal to his tradition, but open to organized and structured progress.

I founded with those friends like CMDR Ishmat, Abbadon, Icaro and Alepf a chivalric order that claimed his origins back in the antique Orden de Calatrava from Spain Middle Age.  We had many successes when we decided to support Princess Arissa Lavigny-Duval.

Unfortunately, at the end, chaos supported by the corrupted  coorporates of Kamocan destroyed all our good endeavour.  A harsh struggle between loyal members of the OCI and rogue coorporate pilots that undermined our efforts from inside our organization, to then formed a corrupt and mafious organization called Centinelas, outbreaked.  At some point, contemplating the downfall of our noble organization, I resigned from the Council of the OCI, I let the surviving members to an uncertain fate and got back to Kaiakul.

In the meanwhile, I had enrolled myself with the Chapterhouse of the Inquisition of Kamadhenu.  In HR 571, as a feared and fierce Inquisitor, I contributed to the triumph of Emperor's Grace over the corrupted corporates of Network.  

After my exile to HR 571, I decided to carry on with my life as a space knight. I joined the White Templars, a very old chivalric organization that struggle against corruption in the service of our Dearest Emperor Arissa.  I served as the Grand Prior, protecting and coordinating our progress in our Homeworld, and I have been fighting with my Templar brothers in the Pegasi Pirate War from the end of August 3301 to January 3302.

Reciently, I have been expelled from the Templars after an argument with the Templar Chief trainer.  The order chose the tyrant instead of the humble and dedicated servant, but I don't really mind.  I served greatly the Order and I left with proud and honor.  Now, as the rogue and fallen noble I am, I will serve with proud and courage with the Empire Corsairs. As during the Middle Age, as Robert d'Artois, I will carry the torch of war elsewhere serving our Dearest Emperor.

More reciently I have been reinstated with honors within the White Templars, with my rank of Preceptor back.   However, after a while I realized the falshood of Imperial traditionnalist groups, I have seen invaded people treated harshly by the Templars, and how many Imperial Slaves are mistreated to the point there are used as cannon fodder.  Furthermore, some noble of the Templars shows a racist and xenophobic attitude wich have no place in the Empire.  

What really changed my mind was to see how my best friend was reduced to slavery for his debts. A local patronage lord took him as his personnal slave just for vengeful purpose and to take all the estate of his family.  I saw him a week ago, they put him to work in refinary ship, it's too hard work for his health.  I tried to buy him but his owner doesnt want to sell him.  I fear he shall die.  He asked me to take care of his daughter, wich is my fighter pilot and copilot.  Similar stories happens often in the territory conquerred by the Templars.  That was not our purpose, that is totally wrong.  I undertand now how Imperial slavery is a falsehood, that is still slavery and those people reduced to slavery are very often mistreated in a way that could endanger more their life than It is the case for citizens.  Those contacts I met months ago from Agentes libres de Aisling are right, I shall read that book from CMDR Zaroca, there is a lot of interesting ideas there.
Do you like it?


20 Apr 3303
Harfang /
33030419 De vuelta volando

Desde diciembre pasado me fui de los Templarios para unirme a los Agentes libres de Aylin. La verdad es que me han acogido muy bien. Estuve trabajando con ellos para promover el gobierno de Scarlet, hasta que me cogieron por ahí piloteando con pasajeros a bordo un poco tomado. Ya que por orden judicial me mantuvieron en dique seco, entonces estuve trabajando en nuestra estación principal para nuestro...

09 Nov 3302
Harfang /
33021109 Back from nice holidays on Embakasi

It's been a week since I ended  those long and nice vacations to Embakasi, Reynes.   I have been helping in Zvaithogg our minor factions with standard and  passengers missions.   I bought a new Beluga  for bus jobs and scientist transportations.  I tried with tourist but It's definately not for me.  If a take turists again for long runs, I fear someone will end with a bullet in the head or airlocked... I...

15 Sep 3302
Harfang /
33020915 Phi Eridani war triumph

The whole last week I have been in the war. We crushed our enemies and now we hold the government in Phi Eridani. It's been a lot of fun to fly again in wing with my fellow Templars.

Achievements history

27 Dec 2016
Sold ship Adder
27 Dec 2016
Bought ship Adder
27 Dec 2016
Joined wing: [ALA] Agentes Libres de Aisling
27 Dec 2016
Pledged power: Aisling Duval
27 Dec 2016
Pledged power rating: Rating 1
27 Dec 2016
Left wing: White Templars
26 Dec 2016
Reputation with Empire (Friendly)
26 Dec 2016
Pledged power: None/Independent
04 Nov 2016
Bought ship Beluga Liner
29 Aug 2016
Engineer access: Felicity Farseer Unlocked (grade 5)
29 Aug 2016
Pilot's Exploration rank: Trailblazer
20 Aug 2016
Sold ship Asp Explorer
18 Aug 2016
Engineer access: Felicity Farseer Unlocked (grade 4)
03 Jul 2016
Sold ship Asp Explorer
16 Jun 2016
Pledged power rating: Rating 1


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Aisling Duval
Rating 1

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Elite:Dangerous (PC/Mac)

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PvE and PvP only

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Enforcer / Mercenary

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