Flesh from once-living aquatic organisms sold as food stuff. Illegal in some jurisdictions.

Produced by:
Consumed by:
Extraction, Industrial, High Tech, Military, Refinery, Service, Tourism, Terraforming, Colony
Avg sell price:
525 Cr
Max sell price:
2,466 Cr
Avg buy price:
282 Cr
Min buy price:
135 Cr

Where to buy Fish near Sol

LocationPadStation distDistancebuy price    
Davis Terminal | DuamtaL550 Ls9.88 Ly262 Cr
Davies Station | Epsilon EridaniL280 Ls10.52 Ly276 Cr
Darkes High | Epsilon EridaniL483 Ls10.52 Ly242 Cr
Fortress Cousens | Epsilon EridaniL296 Ls10.52 Ly315 Cr
Cormack Hub | ProcyonL9993 Ls11.41 Ly244 Cr
Davy dock | ProcyonL10182 Ls11.41 Ly368 Cr
Hardwick Station | ProcyonL10193 Ls11.41 Ly277 Cr
Pontes Gateway | ProcyonL10193 Ls11.41 Ly307 Cr
Mansfield Orbiter | Epsilon IndiL143 Ls11.8 Ly223 Cr
Schneider Relay | Epsilon IndiL260 Ls11.8 Ly229 Cr
London Relay | Epsilon IndiL683 Ls11.8 Ly223 Cr
Perry Depot | Epsilon IndiL192 Ls11.8 Ly223 Cr
Cady Market | Groombridge 1618L169 Ls15.88 Ly292 Cr
Martinez Market | Groombridge 1618M169 Ls15.88 Ly269 Cr

Where to sell Fish near Sol

LocationPadStation distDistancesell price    
Schottky Reformatory | SolL2504 Ls---403 Cr
Titan City | SolL4589 Ls---525 Cr
Ehrlich City | SolL236 Ls---466 Cr
M.Gorbachev | SolL506 Ls---529 Cr
Walz Depot | SolL236 Ls---466 Cr
Li Qing Jao | SolL506 Ls---491 Cr
Abraham Lincoln | SolL496 Ls---461 Cr
Mars High | SolL699 Ls---514 Cr
Burnell Station | SolM364 Ls---554 Cr
Daedalus | SolL225 Ls---474 Cr
Galileo | SolL505 Ls---484 Cr
Haberlandt Survey | SolL2498 Ls---466 Cr
Durrance Camp | SolL2498 Ls---466 Cr
Columbus | SolL2477 Ls---542 Cr
Furukawa Enterprise | SolL236 Ls---466 Cr

Best buy prices for Fish

Average buy price: 282 Cr

LocationPadStation distDistancebuy price    
Dugan Dock | PrivaL349 Ls97.18 Ly135 Cr
Melnick Market | ChankunL557 Ls82.68 Ly147 Cr
Meade Port | VVO 19L13008 Ls77.67 Ly147 Cr
Hilmers Market | LFT 601L16351 Ls50.34 Ly147 Cr
Mooz Station | HIP 111755L154 Ls137.63 Ly149 Cr
Carey Terminal | LFT 601L284903 Ls50.34 Ly156 Cr
Scheutz Hub | LFT 601L11866 Ls50.34 Ly156 Cr
Brady Ring | MET 20L639 Ls110.99 Ly156 Cr
Kaiser Terminal | WayutabalL433 Ls130.6 Ly159 Cr
Akiyama Ring | Chau YuL---212.97 Ly168 Cr
Jernigan Orbital | Lalande 39866L12506 Ls60.62 Ly170 Cr
Boswell Terminal | 69 G. CarinaeL742 Ls52.85 Ly175 Cr
Carrasco Station | AdadL259 Ls62.39 Ly176 Cr
Shajn Market | KamadhenuL455 Ls149.24 Ly176 Cr
Gunter Station | HIP 5623L792 Ls210.43 Ly177 Cr
Millerport | QuinceL110 Ls480.33 Ly182 Cr
Skvortsov Orbital | 63 G. CapricorniL553 Ls71.66 Ly183 Cr
Meikle Gateway | PiranL117 Ls131.27 Ly183 Cr
Gehry Port | XbalamanaL---226.13 Ly185 Cr
Friend Orbital | HelvetitjL445 Ls103.77 Ly187 Cr

Best sell prices for Fish

Average sell price: 525 Cr

LocationPadStation distDistancesell price    
Finch's Pride | KuntitakM---133.33 Ly2,466 Cr
Bondar Orbital | HIP 75978M---146.9 Ly2,466 Cr
Poleshchuk Hub | Nespeli------151.61 Ly2,450 Cr
Wilkes Survey | LagunnossoM583 Ls99.46 Ly2,447 Cr
Bowen Vision | Gliese 452.3M475 Ls132.08 Ly2,447 Cr
Smeaton Landing | InupiatM---110.62 Ly2,447 Cr
Ray Platform | InupiatM---110.62 Ly2,447 Cr
Cartan Penitentiary | BD+33 2071L---119.11 Ly2,367 Cr
Sherrington Landing | Dao KachM23288 Ls113.57 Ly2,367 Cr
Petaja Vision | 39 HerculisM1540 Ls142.68 Ly2,367 Cr
Hernandez Station | ZapakhereM976 Ls111.04 Ly2,342 Cr
Temple Hub | HillaN---126.99 Ly2,336 Cr
Jacquard Hub | Gliese 9547M---142.53 Ly2,336 Cr
Sarich Station | PijaberetL350 Ls154.45 Ly2,318 Cr
Hutton Barracks | DagazL---64.57 Ly2,316 Cr
Beliaev Platform | PunusM317 Ls145.57 Ly2,313 Cr
Tull Prospect | NauksasM3580 Ls152.9 Ly2,313 Cr
Al-Din Dock | LatjiM1297 Ls142.59 Ly2,313 Cr
Raleigh's Progress | San TzuM---135.93 Ly2,313 Cr
Pike Landing | TelengitsM1974 Ls163.77 Ly2,313 Cr

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