Juri Ishmaak

Pater's Memorial | Giryak

How to discover

From Felicity Farseer (grade 3-4).

Meeting requirements

Earn more than 50 combat bonds.

Unlock requirements

Provide 1,000,000 credits worth of combat bonds.

Reputation gain

Craft modules.
Hand in combat bonds to Pater's Memorial.

Note: Station services won't be available immediately after the engineer is unlocked. Please re-log to make them available.


TypeModificationMax. grade  
Mine LauncherHigh Capacity Magazine5
Mine LauncherLightweight Mount4
Mine LauncherRapid Fire Modification4
Mine LauncherSturdy Mount5
Missile RackHigh Capacity Magazine3
Missile RackLightweight Mount3
Missile RackRapid Fire Modification3
Missile RackSturdy Mount3
Torpedo PylonLightweight Mount3
Torpedo PylonSturdy Mount3


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