Bill Turner


How to discover

From Selene Jean (grade 3-4).

Meeting requirements

Gain Friendly status with Alliance of Independent Systems.

Unlock requirements

Provide 50 units of Bromellite.

Reputation gain

Craft modules.

Note: Station services won't be available immediately after the engineer is unlocked. Please re-log to make them available.


TypeModificationMax. grade  
Life SupportLightweight3
Life SupportReinforced3
Life SupportShielded3
SensorsLong range5
SensorsWide angle5
Manifest ScannerFast scan3
Manifest ScannerLightweight3
Manifest ScannerLong range3
Manifest ScannerReinforced3
Manifest ScannerShielded3
Manifest ScannerWide angle3
Frame Shift Wake ScannerFast scan3
Frame Shift Wake ScannerLightweight3
Frame Shift Wake ScannerLong range3
Frame Shift Wake ScannerReinforced3
Frame Shift Wake ScannerShielded3
Frame Shift Wake ScannerWide angle3
Kill Warrant ScannerFast scan3
Kill Warrant ScannerLightweight3
Kill Warrant ScannerLong range3
Kill Warrant ScannerReinforced3
Kill Warrant ScannerShielded3
Kill Warrant ScannerWide angle3
Plasma AcceleratorEfficient5
Plasma AcceleratorFocused5
Plasma AcceleratorLightweight5
Plasma AcceleratorLong range5
Plasma AcceleratorOvercharged5
Plasma AcceleratorRapid fire5
Plasma AcceleratorShort range5
Plasma AcceleratorSturdy5
Auto Field-Maintenance UnitShielded3
Fuel ScoopShielded3
Detailed Surface ScannerFast scan5
Detailed Surface ScannerLong range5
Detailed Surface ScannerWide angle5


The data may be incomplete or not entirely accurate. If do you will find any error, please let me know in the discussion. Thanks to Qohen Leth, EfilOne, Shellström, Lucienn for the initial data and Domaq, Elan Solo, Greeboski, Coriolis guys and many others for the updates.