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22 Feb 3301
The Importance of Insurance

It's been said before, but it's worth saying again. Remember to set aside credits for your insurance excess.

Only recently CMDR Gui returned home to Sol with his newly purchased Anaconda. Having equipped it with all the essentials he departed - straight into an incoming Type 9. Without the 4 million credits to cover the excess for his ship, he was left with no choice but to resort to a budget Sidewinder. His loss for that one incident was 800 million credits.

Though many pilots can turn to creditors to cover some of the costs in case of emergency, 200 thousand credits is not enough to cover the cost of a truly premium vessel.

The moral of the story? Always check your rebuy costs in your systems screen before launching. Don't leave the space port without having the excess.

You've been warned, commanders.

- Reported by CMDR Sheehy of the Reorte Chronicle

20 Feb 3301
Overview of the Past Week's Developments

Thanks to the combined efforts of entrepreneurs, small business owners and corporate sponsors, preparations for the launch of the new EAUC Exploration Ocellus began. 4,871 commanders contributed over 8,154,177 tons of metal to the project, which in turn allowed the EAUC coalition to outfit the station to a level far beyond their original specifications.

The number of petty thefts and burglaries being reported on Emerald in the Cemiess system has risen by over 300% compared with the same period in 3300, resulting in local social sites being flooded with complaints from long term residents who claim they fear for their families' safety. Commissioner Chamberlain of Emerald Security issued a statement saying they were cracking down on crime in the system.

In a formal ceremony in the Congress building on Mars, the Congressman for Siren, Ethan Naylor, was formally signed in as the Federal Vice President. The decision was seen as controversial as this is the first time a member of the Federal Leadership has been a Congressman from a frontier world.

The management team in charge of Durius were able to offer debt relief retraining to 12,070 newly minted citizens. As a result, 12,070 Imperial Slaves found themselves exported from Durius to other parts of the Empire over the last week. The move was partly facilitated through a newly formed business arrangement between Senators Patreus and Torval.

Residents of Toolfa Large were left in shock this weekend after local security services found a small fortune in raw gold sitting aboard what they presumed to be an abandoned Sidewinder in one of the station's lower hangars. The ship's records indicate that its owner, Mr. Hank Stone, spent the last month alone in the LAWD 26 system where he found a previously untapped source of precious metals. Mr. Stone was believed to have died from liver failure. He was found at his bunker near the Toolfa Large Short Stay Inn.

16 Feb 3301
The Sorry Fate of Hank Stone

Residents of Toolfa Large were left in shock this weekend after local security services found a small fortune in raw gold sitting aboard what they presumed to be an abandoned Sidewinder in one of the station's lower hangers. The ship's records indicate that its owner, a Mr. Hank Stone, spent the last month alone in the LAWD 26 system, where he found a previously untapped source of precious metals.

After a brief investigation, it was discovered that a Mr. Hank Stone, of no fixed abode, was found dead in his bunk at Toolfa Large Short Stay Inn several days beforehand. 

Mr. Stone is believed to have passed away due to chronic liver failure, a state that was no doubt exasperated by the half-dozen empty bottles of Eranin Pearl Whiskey that were found strewn about his cabin.

08 Feb 3301
Unsanctioned Fight Club - Chelomy Vison, Balaikda

The war might be over, but the battle lives on in Balaikda with the arrival of the Chelomy Vision fight club.

In this club, members engage in unsafe, unsanctioned brawls in the skies above Chelomy Vision. The winner goes home covered in credits and glory, while the losers get an all weekend pass to the medical centre.

Last week the club ran a stock sidewinder event, and the carnage was brutal. This week the competition is expected to be even more fierce, but with so many credits up for grabs, independent pilots are expected to fly in from all over to prove they've got the skills to pay the bills. Meetings take place weekly at 05:00 sharp universal time.

06 Feb 3301
Overview of the Past Week's Developments

Although Federal aid was deployed to the farmers of Panem in Kappa Fornacis, President Halsey withdrew the troops shortly after. Although Halsey claimed the job was done, the leader of the Farmers' Association, Georgia Algeria, denounced their efforts as window dressing.

75 percent of the population in the Dulos system voted to leave the Federation and become an Independent state. Despite these changes, there has been a resurgence of support for the Federal government - some are pointing towards the strong plans to improve the economy.

The Dukes of Mikunn, a community-formed group, began sanctions against the dictatorial Law Party of HR 7327 in the system of the same name. The Law Party-owned Gabriel Station has since been under blockade until the regime change occurs. The Dukes of Mikunn have warned traders to stay away from the system and find safer routes if their route brings them near HR 7327's space.

The Sidewinder Demolition Derby was held last Sunday at Slough Orbital in Vesper-M4. The event will now be held every first Sunday of the month, and has pilots hurtling at one another in basic Sidewinders. Commander Rose told GalNet:

"The Jet Transport Corporation lost a lot of trade last Sunday. No ships were able to enter or leave the station for almost an hour for fear of being blasted into smithereens by these lunatic pilots."

Civil War broke out in Balaikda between two of the system's minor factions, HIP 43760 State Plc and Balaikda Ltd. The former is a Federally-aligned organisation, much to the surprise of the Empire. The Imperial Navy have set up checkpoints near a number of local planets as a direct response to the Federal Involvement in an Imperial system.

03 Feb 3301
Trouble on the Fringe - Balaikda

It seems that even the edges of colonised space aren't free of problems.

A civil war has broken out in Balaikda between two of the system's minor factions, namely HIP 43760 State Plc and Balaikda Ltd. The former is Federation-aligned and unsurprisingly calls the nearby HIP 43760 home, while the latter is a local firm.

Observers have reported a heavy-handed response to this Federal involvement in an Imperial system, resulting in the Imperial Navy setting up checkpoints near a number of local planets. One source, who asked to remain unnamed, said:

"These checkpoints are manned by Elite Vipers and Cobras fitted with Plasma Accelerators, and are not to be taken lightly."

Battles have broken out across the system, with various local factions offering combat bonds in an attempt to urge independent pilots to lend a hand in the small scale factional struggle.

03 Feb 3301
Vesper-M4 Plays Unwilling Host to Demolition Derby

Slough Orbital hosted the galaxy's inaugural Sidewinder Demolition Derby last Sunday and it was a huge success. The event, which will now be held on the first Sunday of every month, sees pilots flying their basic, weapons and shield-free Sidewinders at full speed around the airlock ring in an attempt to blow each other up.

Slough Orbital's Captain, Commander Rose, has expressed frustration at these troubling turn of events, telling GalNet:

"The Jet Transport Corporation lost a lot of trade last Sunday. No ships were able to enter or leave the station for almost an hour for fear of being blasted into smithereens by these lunatic pilots."

Commander Angel Rose, daughter of Captain Rose, has praised the event, saying:

"My father is a stuffy old codger. Everyone had a lot of fun, especially this month's derby winner, Commander Scicobalt. No-one was actually hurt, although Commander Belstarion's pride took a big dent when he got repeatedly stuck in the station's superstructure. I look forward to doing it all again next month!"

19 Jan 3301
The Menace of Illegal Racing

Traders operating in several systems have called on the authorities to clamp down on increasing levels of illegal racing. A representative declared:

"These speeding ships are a menace! They perform dangerous manoeuvres at ridiculous speeds and that puts honest traders like us in danger."

Official comment has not been forthcoming and one such racer posted anonymously on social media stating:

"The Buckyball Race is the best thing ever and I'd like to see one of the system authority Vipers try and keep up with us!"

01 Oct 3300
New Technology Powers Exploration

The Pilot's Federation has made the Universal Cartographics Discovery Module a standard component in all Sidewinder loadouts.

The Discovery Module is activated via a fire group, and works at both standard and supercruise speeds.

Once charged, it emits radiation bursts and analyzes reflections and reactions to build an overview of local unknown bodies.

Pilots can perform close-range scans of stars, planets and moons using standard targeting procedures. After a short delay, the on-board navigation computer will be updated with details of the body.

Exploration data can be traded with Universal Cartographics in starports, and growing demand has seen upgraded discovery modules and detailed surface scanners made available.

26 Sep 3300
Eranin and Rebel Peace Talks Fail - War Declared!

Yesterday's peace talks between the Eranin government and Federation-leaning rebels collapsed into chaos yesterday.

An ambassador of the Independent Alliance was due to attend in support of Eranin but did not arrive - furious Eranin government officials accused the Federation of interference. It seems Ambassador Eliza Fernandez was delayed by customs en route to Eranin after the ship she was travelling in was caught with contraband Celebration Liquor on board at a Federal stop-and-search in the Opala system.

Silvia Calhoon, the Federal Representative from Aulin who chaired yesterday's peace talks, said:

"We offer our sympathy for Ms Fernandez being delayed, but government representatives need to lead by example. However, we are here to focus on mediation, and helping to settle the internal conflict between the Eranin government and a section of their people. We need both sides to sit down and talk. Sadly, the Eranin government did not stay long yesterday; we cannot achieve this noble goal if the Eranin government refuses to talk."

The Eranin government, who were yesterday rumored to be bankrolled by Imperial Senator Patreus, made no comment. However, shortly afterwards heavy fighting was reported in i Bootis as Eranin Defence Force ships attacked Federal Navy assets.

Reports are also coming in of strikes and sabotage disrupting the markets in Louis de Lacaille Prospect (LHS 3262), Romanenko Estate (Opala) and Moxons Mojo (Bolg) - all Federal systems.

In the last hour rebel ships have attacked in Asellus Primus and Wyrd, both Independent systems, supportive of the government in Eranin. The LP 98-132 anarchy is home to the Freeport starport, which was the source of many illegal weapons supplied to the Federation backed rebels and is currently subject to a civilian blockade.

Many Commanders have been mobilized in support of each side. The Faulcon deLacy Limited Edition Black / Wireframe paint job is being used by protagonists from each side as a method of indicating their participation, but disguising their allegiance.

The blockaders have come out as against the federation but still remain independent. We received this message from them outlining their intention to align themselves with the Eranin Defence forces:

"Greetings Commanders and citizens of LP 98-132, 

We've had a chat, Treyshon and I; we have made up our minds about the current situation and feel that we can no longer ignore the escalating tensions. We've been carrying on as normal as if nothing is happening. Burying our heads in the sand, so to speak. 

If the Federation manage to bring Eranin back into their oppressive fold we will start to see Federal influence creep into LP 98. This cannot be allowed to happen. 

Therefore, as of right now, we are aligning ourselves with the Eranin Defence forces to push back against the Feds and FTPS is officially on hiatus from taxation duties. 

Over the next couple of days we will be scanning all ships leaving Freeport and will destroy ANY vessels attempting to smuggle weapons out of Freeport, be them Elite Federation pilots or otherwise. 

We will NOT tolerate any efforts to bolster the Federation's position in Eranin and the surrounding systems. 

We are doing this as much for ourselves as for the pilots and citizens of Freeport that enjoy the free trade and everything else that comes from existing in an anarchic system. 

We will not tolerate interference here. 

Rise up now, never surrender!"

CMDR Star Noble's 'recruitment campaign' is increasing the numbers of privateers targeting Chango Dock.

During a routine scouting mission CMDR Qrunch Miner has discovered a huge Federation fleet Amassing at i Bootis B Unidentified Signal Source!

In combat news, CMDR Nemesis T Warlock is still racking up the Kills against the Feds whilst CMDR Erarda is coming out is force against Eranin.

CMDR Maeyae has become the top trader of liquor in a type 9, trading 20 times in one day, amassing over 8000 units and CMDR Jak sold Liquor in 13 different stations in just one day.