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23 Mar 3303
Tom Knight /
Diário de Bordo #8

Inicio Transmissão................  Capitão Comandante Tom Knight  Nave Knight Explorer One(Modelo Anaconda) Estamos no 12º dia de viagem e o sinal estranho nos sensores voltou a aparecer por alguns instantes e sumiu novamente em dos sistemas da nossa rota. Navegador Tenente Sra. Jones Primeiro Oficial Arlie Knight Navegador Tenente Sra. Jones Primeiro Oficial...

23 Mar 3303
Jellicoe /
The Delkar Job - Epilogue

Over twenty hours in Super-Cruise aboard a heavily damaged ship with patched up engines and an equally jury-rigged power plant only operating at 40% capacity is not good for the nerves, the slow but inexorable decline of the fuel level and the very real fear that you will be left stranded in the depths of interstellar space, beyond the reach of any possible help to die the slow, lingering death that...

23 Mar 3303
Christovok /
ENTRY 03.23.3303

I've managed to etch out a living doing odd jobs for the Imperial Privateers. Mostly carrying encrypted data for them to the smaller outposts that they own or have a financial investment in. However, old habits die hard and I've once against enlisted my good will with the likes of pirates and smugglers. It pays too well for me not to. It does keep me up at night. There's no way to spin smuggling slaves...

23 Mar 3303
Hersilia /

Zed snickered to himself as his cobra mk3 propelled away from the wreckage of a T-6. The Cobra shuddered as it tried to accelerate to full speed with a 30 ton load of an assortment of fine wines, delicious food and hand made silks. If he could make it back to his contact in Sol, he could make a pretty penny. "C'mon Lady, just a bit more..." he urged Lady to move quicker, he had a feeling...

23 Mar 3303
Kyla Emmerich /
Pegasi Shanghai - Chapter 4: Lunar Road Trip

Previous Chapter For a short while I felt a small tinge of guilt leaving Ronium to die slowly and alone aboard the crashed Anaconda. But that guilt did not last, however, when I reminded myself about what kind of a scumbag he is. But I do feel a genuine remorse for those in the stasis pods; doomed to remain until some sod better equipped than I stumbles upon the wreckage. Hopefully by that time...

23 Mar 3303
CaSIA: Online

Casey Atkins grabbed onto the handrail to stop himself before he lowered down and let his mag-boots suck him to the floor.  The old Python was beat to hell, but was one hell of a find.   Old as dirt, but then again that's what Pythons were.  First one was made in 2700.  This was some weird old ship, had more wiring in it than he'd imagine would be in a Python, but then again older models were bulkier,...

23 Mar 3303
BigKingLuigi /
You just gotta go....

Im a young Commander, havent been flying on my own much. I heard about the civil war happening a few hundred light years away. I asked the older o7 would a young o7 like myself be able to survive the combat. They all told me I needed bigger and better ships that my Cobra Mk III wouldn't make it. after about an hour thinking it over and with more than enough money to cover any insurance fees, I decided...

22 Mar 3303
Andrew Crisp /
Entry 10 - Losses

March 22, 3303, Godwin Installation, 10 Canum Venaticorum I have been running into more combat situations of late where I've had to fight rather than flee. In most cases, it is a lone pirate - I usually have the aid of the local police forces in those situations. In one instance I made a navigation error and found myself in a combat zone - the Forbidden Seas took on severe damage before I was...

22 Mar 3303
Eldrich Thames /
CMDR Eldrich Thames logbook, entry #13, March 22, 3303

During the last six days I've been busy surveying all systems within one jump from Maia. Taking into account that my max range is currently very close to 22 LY, this allows me to reach a lot of systems easily. I've already visited sixty-nine systems (including those on my way to Maia), and I plan to visit twenty nine more. If I keep this rhythm up, I might complete this list in three days at the...

22 Mar 3303
M. Lehman /
The Serpents and the Skulls, Chapter 1.2

At least the view is nicer than normal. I, Azalea Constantinestu, deserve that much. My gaze lingers over the council’s guest: Wolfgang Teilhard of the Nijkas Gold Crew. He is a fine specimen of a man: tall, tanned, golden hair in a magnificent topknot, with the stunning dual golden dragons of high clan position running down his muscular arms. It’s the custom of these serpent-tattooed...