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22 Mar 3303
LtEvildead /
Return to the Bubble - Neto, Ising Vision Station

Mission Log, SOL date 21/03/3303. It has been exactly one month since i began my journey but now i have returned home. The last 4000+ LY were not that eventful and i had started to stop scanning each system on each jump and did mostly honk, scoop and jump. I have now arrived back in PBSF space in Neto at Ising Vision and began the long assessment of my ship logs. This being my first long journey...

21 Mar 3303
Borggy /

I've decided to set the ship on auto-pilot and have plotted a course for home. Spending some time throughout neutron and white dwarf star fields have gotten tiring. I could spend all my time out there... It's there however and I can always go back to it, possibly set a course to the opposite side of where Colonia is and then go straight across the galactic core too Colonia. Anyway I have been...

21 Mar 3303
Mhera Bathana /
COMMUNIQUE, March 21, 3303

To my colleague and dearest friend, Doctor Camille Drake, So, here I am, in my quarters on the Beagle. I took the plunge and headed out with that young pilot, Luke. He is, in many ways, immature and I don’t know what to make of that. I feel as if he hasn’t had any previous relationships. I am not sure what to make of that. I enjoy pulling his chain. (no, not that one) and he seems to have a...

21 Mar 3303
Renderer /

Another hundred million of credits gone, spent on shields, boosters, weapons, sensors and other stuff, and now my Cutter just MIGHT be ready for a fight. Or is it? WARNING! TEMPERATURE CRITICAL Now, do you get the idea of plasma accelerators? One huge and two big ones? Lots of heat, limited ammo and weight of a stock Adder? And you know what? I like it! The downside is as usual: it just overheats...

21 Mar 3303
Borggy /
The Expanse

The Colonia Expanse is filled with wonders, I've been surveying the neutron stars nearby, and black holes. I also scanned a few of those rare carbon stars, S class, MS class- those types. Their are few in the vicinity, 800ly or so...could be more closer but I found ones which are just 800-1000ly away, give or take. Ughh, what I do for Universal Cartographics! and the Pilots Federation...so close...

20 Mar 3303
Jermus Karlsen /
New Job: Prospector

I have a new job! I am now a prospector for the Rock Research Ring. How does it work? Well basically you fly into asteroid belts and planetary rings and determine what materials can be gathered there. I was drawn to this job by reading the local bulletin board at Jaques Station. The job does not pay well, but you are allowed to sell all materials mined during the prospecting operation, and that...

20 Mar 3303
SonofMacPhisto /
Know Your History, Part I

"You know, I haven't told this to anyone before." The Fer-De-Lance No Data Available sat on wide, airless plain.  Seemingly not too far above rose a majestic red dwarf.  Its cool magenta light illuminating the jet black ship and hard, tan ground around it.  Out on the horizon, past an endless sea of rocks and dirt, sat two more orange orbs.   While each the size of a small, hand-held ball...

20 Mar 3303
Claire Bloodgood /

o o o "Don't wear any of these unless it's formal... You listening?" Galena barked, knowing Claire had crossed arms. "Stop seeing that brute either, I don't trust him. If he touches you again, I'll have him at gunpoint, I'll war with the lot of them." She continued around Claire's ship cabin, avoiding eye contact with her own daughter. The woman's heated personality undeniably...

20 Mar 3303
Stryker Aune /
Family Affiars

Amphisatsu, Wantanabe Terminal        A dark haired man of Japanese descent sat at a dark wooden table with his face in his hands. The flickering of muted light from an andon highlighted his sad features. The man looked up from his hands over to the source and took a moment to reflect on the delicate artwork, admire the smooth brush lines and the collage of colored inks.…        Things are...

20 Mar 3303
Cartlidge1000 /
The Novice Assassin: Part 6

Though not as elegant as the Imperial Cutter, the Anaconda’s interior was still significantly more comfortable than the few cramped compartments that comprised his Eagle. Nick wanted desperately to take a tour of the ship, but knew he was short on time. After taking a moment to enjoy the ship’s built-in elevator, he beelined for the pilot’s seat. Nick strapped himself in, then pulled a chip out of...