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20 Mar 3303
LtEvildead /
To the Bubble - The Long Journey Home

Mission Log, SOL date 20/03/3303. It has been 9 days since my last transmission. I am still alive.  I spent some time repairing all my modules after my close encounter with Sag A.  But all is well. During the last 9 days I stopped off at The Great Annihilator Black Hole this was spectacular, the gravitational lensing of this black hole are just amazing.  They appear to warp space itself from...

20 Mar 3303
M. Lehman /
Announcement: The Serpents and the Skulls

OOC: Hello, everyone! It's been awhile since anything's been posted under this account, but I've got some exciting news. Anyone here who has read both Marra Morgan's and my logs knows that we have at times collaborated. You might also recall that Marra herself announced her retirement from writing, leaving many (we hope! :)) wondering what happens next for our favorite pirate queen! I am happy...

19 Mar 3303
Li Wei-Mu Celestun /
Log Entry #016: Coalsack Nebula Expedition Day 4

21:47 19 March, 3303 Farseer Inc, DECIAT Systems completely scanned: HIP 61332 Musca Dark Region BQ-Y D35 Musca Dark Region BQ-Y D41 Musca Dark Region CQ-Y D86 Musca Dark Region DC-T B4-7 Musca Dark Region GX-S B4-1 Musca Dark Region LD-R B5-3 Today marks the end of my first expedition, and I'm back in Deciat again. I actually expect this expedition to last a bit longer, but an accident...

19 Mar 3303
ThomasWJames /
Log 4: (General) Personal Log - March 19, 3303

CMDR: Thomas W. James Date: March 19th, 3303 Time: 17:30 Location: Colonia - Jaques Station Topic: General Diary I've been in Colonia for three days now. I've been running some basic Data and Courrier missions along with simple Black Box recovery missions in order to make some Credits. But Credits are not what I'm really looking for. What I'm trying to stock up on is materials for Jumponium...

19 Mar 3303
Monolith Preacher /
Girls and Guns, Flowers and Fears

I had meant to drag Ouberos over, under, and through the coals for taking my Beluga out sans my permission, but once we started looking at each others knife connections we ended up just talking shop for a couple of days until the spice ran out. It surprising how fast you can play the knife game on that stuff, especially when you're betting on each other whilst blindfolded and engaged in...well, perhaps...

19 Mar 3303
Beamer Miasma /
Welcome to the 1K club

- "Nomad?" - "Yes Commander?" - "I have a green notice icon on my screen without further info." Beamer tapped the icon again. It was a generic non-critical information icon, a green pulsing triangle. It didn't respond to his taps. - "That was me Commander. I thought you would like to know that you have just completed your 1000th full system scan." -...

19 Mar 3303
Legacygundam /
CMR_LG06_LOG-001 "Inaugural Entry" JD:2457831.5

March 19, 3303 Well, it has been a few weeks since I started my career as a commander in a cheap little Sidewinder (what I affectionately and appropriately call The Starter) like so many other commanders have before me have and I figured it was time to start my log. Right now I find the idea of making log entries tedious, but it is an accepted and practiced way for most commanders to chronicle their...

19 Mar 3303
L. Colt /
When it comes to explosions...

Explosions, explosions... They are common in my hangar... But they are always the best bangers... ... and I am a simple man with simple devotions! Sidewinders and massive corvettes... They make me smile so wide! With not a single cloud of regret... ... one would say I lied.... A test of strength, A test of power, I go to an extreme length... ... to have all the work done before happy...

18 Mar 3303
Li Wei-Mu Celestun /
Log Entry #015: Coalsack Nebula Expedition Day 3

21:08 18 March, 3303 HIP 61332 AB 1 D, HIP 61332 Systems completely scanned: Coalsack Sector BW-V B2-3 Coalsack Sector CW-V B2-7 Coalsack Sector CW-V B2-9 Coalsack Sector CW-V B2-10 Systems partially scanned: Coalsack Sector AB-W B-20 Coalsack Sector CW-V B2-0 Coalsack Sector CW-V B2-1 Coalsack Sector CW-V B2-5 Coalsack Sector CW-V B2-6 Coalsack Sector CW-V B2-8 Musca Dark Region...

18 Mar 3303
Zinnsei /
Entry #009 - Blood on my hands

Commander's log, 18 MAR 3303 It is with a heavy heart, I write this log. The Zenith's shore leave was cut short, when a request for help came in over the wire today. A total of 24 people had been kidnapped in what I can only assume was a coordinated effort. I received word while docked at Colonia Hub and was asked - more like begged - to assist. Needless to say I scrambled for Jaques Station immediately....