Viper Mk III

The Viper Mk III is the most recent development of the most successful fighter classes ever built. The original Viper Defence Craft was designed by Faulcon Manspace in 2762 in the Reorte shipyards. The basic model was beefed up with the Viper II by Faulcon deLacy. The Viper Mk III was a revitalised model with a new more armoured look, which has been taken further with the recently released Mk IV. Despite the competition from its more advanced sister model the Mk III remains a top class fighter found in many well-equipped police and naval forces.

Nearest known shipyards

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Faulcon deLacy
310 m/s
Boost speed:
388 m/s
142,930 Cr
Base shield:
137 MJ
Base armour:
Hull mass:
60 t
Mass-lock factor:
Landing pad:


Pulse Laser [1F fixed] 
Medium hardpoint
Pulse Laser [1F fixed] 
Medium hardpoint
Small hardpoint
Small hardpoint
Utility mount
Utility mount


Power Plant [3E] 
Class 3 Reactor bay
Thrusters [3E] 
Class 3 Thruster mounting
Frame Shift Drive [3E] 
Class 3 FSD housing
Life Support [2E] 
Class 2 Environment control
Power Distributor [3E] 
Class 3 Power coupling
Sensors [3E] 
Class 3 Sensor suite
Fuel Tank [2C] 
Class 2 Fuel store

Cargo Rack [2E / capacity: 4] 
Class 3 Internal compartment
Shield Generator [3E] 
Class 3 Internal compartment
Class 2 Internal compartment
Basic Discovery Scanner 
Class 1 Internal compartment

Galnet archive

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23 Dec 3302
Freelance Report: Allitnil Shatters Fuel-Economy Records

A new record has been set by Commander Allitnil, who successfully travelled from Sol to Jaques Station in Colonia without making any stops...or equipping a fuel scoop.

The impressive feat took nine days, 5,489 hyperspace jumps and 383 tonnes of hydrogen fuel. Although Commander Allitnil travelled mostly in economic mode, providing regular updates and efficiency calculations, many doubted the trip was possible. But it soon became clear that the amazing efficiency of Allitnil's Anaconda would get him to Jaques with plenty of fuel to spare.

Rumours have surfaced that Commander Allitnil's next challenge might involve travelling from Sol to Beagle Point, but nothing has yet been confirmed.


02 Dec 3302
Galactic News: Amateurs Partially Decrypt Signal

A small group of EM-transmission technology enthusiasts in the Tionisla system claims to have partially decoded the encrypted message transmitted from the Tionisla Orbital Graveyard by an antique Cobra Mk III a few months ago.

A spokesperson for the group, which calls itself The Hamsters, said:

"So exciting! It was an EM frequency using phase modulation. Really quite clever. It contains a string of numbers, but we don't know what they mean, so we've decided to share it with the galactic community in the hope that someone might be able to decode it. The sequence is: 01 07 10 * 20 22 25 * 01 05 23 03 23 * 10 27 - 23 * 02 03 01 - 02 * 03 04 * 01 * 43 33 31 23 * 07 21 25 27."

Unfortunately The Hamsters' broadcast abruptly stopped at this point, and only static has been received since. When asked about the sudden silence, authorities in Tionisla made the following statement:

"We had no choice but to take them offline as they hadn't renewed their broadcasting licence. We will restore their broadcasting privileges once the appropriate charges have been paid."

01 Oct 3302
Galactic News: Curious Transmission Partially Decoded

In early August, an antique Cobra Mk III was interred at the Tionisla Orbital Graveyard. Shortly before the ship was laid to rest, a beacon aboard the vessel transmitted a repeating sequence of curious characters.

The sequence was picked up by several listening and relay posts in the Tionisla system, and it has now been determined that it contains content obscured with an unknown encryption. The encrypted data is followed by an apparently meaningless clear-text phrase: 'The vain queen rides a giraffe that remembers her daughter's hero.'

Intelligence services within the Alliance, Empire and Federation are said to be investigating the message, but no official statements have yet been made. Both the sender and intended recipient of the message remain a mystery.