Wing lore/history

We started off as nothing more than a group of bounty hunters and mercenaries, we didn't care about politics or who we killed, we just did it for the money. We always worked for the highest bidder, it didn't matter how corrupt the organizations were that we worked for, as long as they paid it was none of our concern. One day however our "I don't care" attitude changed and we became loyal members of the Federation. Our attitude changed because a group of Imperials, they held a "blockade" on the Sol system. The cradle of humanity. That was one strike, the next came with the realization that they try and destroy any ship that passes through, not just Federation aligned ships. I watched as they interdicted friends and innocents here on pilgrimage to the Sol system, some didn't even have hard points.
    After seeing that we knew we had to do something. I personally ran into their leader and tried to reason with him, tried to understand motives. Negotiations went very poorly. The reasoning can be boiled down to "because we can" or "because we despise the Federation" Ironically his favorite ship was the Federal Corvette.. Thus the Heavy Fleet was born, through fire and ash we were born, and we were out for blood. Every system they went to we were right behind them, we had scouts that would go to systems they frequent and inform us on their actions and numbers, as well as subsystems. These scouts eventually became the Patrol Fleet.
   After weeks of harassing they had given up on their "blockade" and retreated back to Imperial space, we were victorious against our first foe, a foe that far outnumbered us. After the threat had been dealt with the Heavy Fleet and Patrol Fleet splintered. We had no reason to mobilize our fleets anymore, our home was saved. I saw the value in what we can do, CP is the rebirth of these fleets, with the addition of the Civilian Fleet for those who aren't all about combat but can still greatly contribute to the group as a whole, and the Special Fleet for those whom like to experiment with modules, ships and weapons to improve them or make them fill niche rolls. Along with the support ships who like helping others and seeing combat without taking the brunt of the attacks.
   With the four fleets we wish to fortify and expand Federation space and look out for the pilots and people who inhabit it, whether they are one of us or not.
  Now in these uncertain times we reach our hands out to ones that we might have called an enemy to fight as a coalition against anything that may try to assault our species. For the Federation, Empire, Independents and Alliance we will fight, after all we are all children of Sol.

Wing info

Name: Crimson Phoenixes
Allegiance: Federation
Power: Independent
Game mode: Any
Game style: Mixed
Platforms: Any
Language: ---

Wing commander: WantedChoas2033
Members: 6
Ships: 37
Supporters: 0
Headquarters: Epsilon Indi [Schneider Relay]
Minor faction: Crimson Phoenixes

Average combat rank: Expert
Average trade rank: Dealer
Average exploration rank: Surveyor

In coalition with: