Wing lore/history

Formed in 3303 after a series of serendipitous encounters in the vicinity of Sol, the Leviathan Scout Regiment was born from a desire to remain an affiliated entity of the Hudson regime, with the caveat of maintaining their own personal form of government, and retaining the authority to assist on Federal matters on their own terms. A Faction Permit was hastily filed, capital and resources were acquired, and the intrepid PMF chose Lambda Arae as their home system and set off, moving into Redi Market.

Having chosen the role of an independent patronage, it was their plan to dismantle the dictatorships in the surrounding systems, as well as Lambda Arae itself, and to place the Leviathan Scout Regiment in power once their Faction Permit was approved. A recruitment drive began in earnest and the ranks of the LSR began to swell, with scouting beginning on Lambda Arae and the surrounding systems, as well as Diabak and Atropos as backup plans in case their mission went awry.

Things went well at first, with the system itself being surprisingly profitable, but the members of the LSR were soon informed by a member of the Atlas Corporation that they were infringing on their territory and that they had claimed Lambda Arae as their home system. A dialogue was opened up between the two factions, and once it was revealed that despite being a friendly faction the Leviathan Scout Regiment wanted to claim Lambda Arae as their home, the LSR was informed that their choices consisted of either being absorbed into the Atlas Corporation, and given their own wing and autonomy in the region, or the guarantee of working solely for the Atlas Corporation.

The members of the Leviathan Scout regiment, upon receiving contrary intelligence to the Atlas Corporations claims of ownership over Lambda Arae, questioned how it was their home system as they were not in control, and it was stated their group originated elsewhere. Perhaps the conversation got off on the wrong foot, or things were misinterpreted, however the conversation took an aggressive tone, and it was stated that the Atlas Corporation would defend their territory if necessary, despite no threat of attack from the LSR. It was swiftly decided that there would be further conflict if they remained and the Leviathan Scout Regiment packed their bags, wishing the Atlas Corporation no ill will on their way out of Lambda Arae.

The group has since settled in Diabak at the scenic military colony of Bridges Survey, where they await approval of their Faction Permit, continue to recruit new members to their cause, and keep watch against hostile elements in the surrounding systems.

On the 29th of April, 3303, the Leviathan Scout Regiment was given the chance to participate in the defense efforts of CMDR Yuri Nakamura, an associate of the well known Kahina Tijani Loren, AKA CMDR Salomé.

As a part of the 3rd Fleet, their role was that of interdiction support and the destruction of hostile CMDRs operating within large buffer zone of CMDR Nakamura. Unfortunately, CMDR Salomé was killed in action by hostile forces, her FSD and modules having suffered heavy damage after multiple interdictions and emergency FSD drops. CMDR Nakamura, as well as two other associates of Salomé, Raan Corsen, and Tsu Annabelle Singh, are alive however, and the information they were transporting remains intact.

During the operation, the Leviathan Scout Regiment made several valuable contacts within the Federation and has since begun to broker alliances. In addition to this, the Leviathan Scout Regiment has begun researching and compiling all available information on The Formidine Rift Mystery, and the Thargoids, in an effort to discover the truth surrounding the events in question, and to better prepare themselves and their allies for what may come next.

On June 1st of 3303, the Leviathan Scout Regiment received a request for fire support from their friends in the Marine Forces Special Operations Command.

They had recently entered in to a war with Stein 2051 Services over control of assets in the system. It is still unclear as to how the initial skirmish started, but members of the LSR were quickly dispatched to Eta Cassiopeiae in an effort to crush Stein 2051 Services, and restore order to the system before the violence spilled over to the general populace. Two of the flagships of the LSR, the LCS "Highwind" and the LCS "In Amber Clad" led the charge into Eta Cassiopiae with a small contingent of 6 other ships and began their work in earnest.

The fighting was fierce during the first few hours and no less then twenty Corvettes from the Stein 2051 Services were either routed or destroyed. Sensing a shift in the momentum, the leaders of Stein 2051 Services quickly brokered a ceasefire with Marine Forces Special Operations Command. This was simply a ruse, however, and upon regrouping, they began a vicious counter-attack, breaking the ceasefire, which only lasted a mere half-hour. Incensed at their tactics, 17th Federal Fleet was called in to assist the combined LSR / M.A.R.S.O.C. forces and several decisive blows were dealt to Stein 2051 Services over the next few days, resulting in their influence over the system dropping to an all time low.

Satisfied with the turn of events, and confident in their allies' ability to end the war and push Stein 2051 Services back to their home system, the Leviathan Scout Regiment operatives returned, battered and combat-weary, but happy, to Bridges Survey in Diabak. Having won the hearts and minds of the inhabitants of Eta Cassiopeiae during their stay, they did not return alone, and a new wave of recruits swelled the ranks of the Leviathan Scout Regiment once again.

On June 13th of 3303, members of the Leviathan Scout regiment, along with other members of the galactic community, received a message from CMDR Ed Lewis. The message read as follows:

"This is an urgent message from Commander Edward Lewis. There are forces out there who do not want you to know the truth, but I have to make this public. I found a ship in HIP 17044. A Federal cap ship, shot to pieces. They were carrying the data the Feds stole from Professor Palin. The crew is dead, but they discovered something important about the Unknown Ships. There is a beacon in the wreckage broadcasting a message, over and over. It proves what we suspected. They are back. And the whole galaxy needs to know. The Thargoids have returned."

A team was sent to investigate immediately. Two unnamed Farragut Battle Cruisers were located at an Unregistered Comms Beacon, approximately 11,000 ls in the direction of the Asterope system from the planet HIP 17044 2.

The capital ships, as well as an accompanying fleet of smaller Federal ships, were all heavily damaged, their crews presumably dead, and adrift in the same green, gaseous cloud noted to be a signature of previous Unknown Ship attacks.

A transmitter satellite was found among the debris, broadcasting the phrase: "RETURN THARGOIDS" in the Galactic Phonetic Alphabet. One Farragut was also discovered to be broadcasting a recording in Morse Code in a small, 30-meter zone around its antenna array: "UNKNOWN VESSELS DETECTED. SERVER PURGE FAILED. SHIP ASSETS LIQUIDATED. PAYLOAD DESTROYED. SHIP STATUS LOST." (Recording Translation Credit - Cannon Science and Research / Photo Credit - CMDR Isaiah Evanson)

On route back to their HQ at Bridges Survey, CMDR BiteSizeRemo became separated from the LSR main fleet, and after a series of ambitious and daring jumps to rendezvous with his comrades, his ships fuel tank ran dry a mere single jump away from his destination.

Fearful of losing a good friend and operative, the decision was made to call the Fuel Rats for assistance, as none of the LSR operatives in the area would have been able to deploy or retrofit a ship in time for a rescue.

CMDR Superflea of the Fuel Rats Mischief was dispatched and arrived almost instantaneously on the scene, with a smile on his face, fuel to spare, and a friendly chiding and education session for CMDR BiteSizeRemo. The Leviathan Scout Regiment thanks both CMDR Superflea, as well as all of the Fuel Rats for their hard work and dedication, and has promised to assist them in any way they can, should they require it. The LSR has since begun construction of multiple long range refueling vessels in an effort to support both its own operatives in the field, and to aid other commanders should the need arise.

In light of the recent events, the Leviathan Scout Regiment has re-doubled their efforts to collect any and all information pertaining to the Thargoids, and has begun to prepare a contingency plan in the event that the Thargoids begin to engage in open hostilities with humanity.

However, they do remain hopeful that this is an isolated incident, much as the other Thargoid incidents have been, and have issued a statement declaring there is much yet to learn before any formal decision is made on the matter. They have also stated their belief that it would be highly beneficial for the galaxy as a whole if there is an opportunity to open a dialogue with the Thargoids, and potentially learn from and co-operate with each other.

Wing info

Name: Leviathan Scout Regiment
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Zachary Hudson
Game mode: Open (XxHyde840xX)
Game style: Mixed
Platforms: Any
Language: English

Wing commander: XxHyde840xX
Members: 33
Ships: 65
Supporters: 2
Headquarters: Diabak [Bridges Survey]

Average combat rank: Novice
Average trade rank: Dealer
Average exploration rank: Surveyor

In coalition with: