Wing lore/history

At the age of 44 Federation Military Pilot, Norman “MiL1TiA SiX” Ballard retired from the Federal Military and ended up settling down at Alexander Terminal, in the system Col 285 Sector XP-O d6-96. With a long and successful military career, including a lengthy campaign in HIP 6796 against the Bureau of HIP 6796 Defense Force, Norman applied to and was immediately accepted into the Pilot's Federation immediately upon his retirement.

CMDR MiL1TiA SiX didn’t stay at Alexander Terminal for long. He soon began to establish a good reputation with the locals and word of his presence spread to the nearby system of Xi-2 Lupi. Norman was invited to Pellegrino Hub, the capitol station of Xi-2 Lupi, by old colleagues whom he had served with in the military. The leadership at Pellegrino Hub welcomed him with open arms, and requested he sit with them to discuss the welfare of their home system.

Norman liked the system immensely and saw great potential in the local and surrounding sector of space. He made a deal with New Xi-2 Lupi Dominion, who was the controlling faction at that time, that he would serve the people of XI-2 Lupi, and restore the systems wealth, military capability, and political weight with regard to dealings with the Federation and other Superpowers. Not long after being assigned the role of Military Ambassador, at the age of 46 in the year 3302, Norman became the Wing Commander of XI-2 Lupi's military fleet, now known currently as the Military Militia.

In only one year’s time the Military Militia of XI-2 Lupi would hold influence in, or control 12 surrounding systems. Although ties with the Federation were still strong, Norman’s now relatively large and independent faction would be able to work on their own agenda, away from major power control.

Originally only accepting members from the Pilot's Federation who had previous military experience, the Military Militia grew to be a large, multi-national, multi-cultural group of expert pilots. The Militia has since opened its ranks to non prior service members, growing their numbers even further.

3rd ASFS, "The Hammerheads" history

Command Cadre
Squadron CO:  MikDaTv2
Executive Officer:  JOExLOKO
Second Officer:  VOODOOXxNINJAXx

Campaign Ribbons
HIP 6796 Campaign
Ambika Campaign
Soldiers Respite Community Goal Campaign
Eriusas Campaign
Coma Campaign

Formed during the HIP 6796 Campaign, The 3rd Aerospace Superiority Fighter Squadron, also known as "The Hammerheads" were designed to be a fast action force to support Militia Capitol ships.  Using small, fast and nimble ships, they would act as a forward screen for larger ships to keep enemies from focusing fire on the heavy hitters.  They served with distinction during the HIP 6796 Campaign.

Once the Campaign was completed, the Hammerheads scattered to the four corners of the bubble.  Independently they began working within their own preferred regions to upgrade their ships.  Some of them went into the home region of the Militia to help expand our influence.  Some of them went out exploring.  Some of them found new pilots to help and train.

It wasn't until the Ambika Campaign that the call was issued for Hammerheads to gather and support Militia efforts in the area.  A system patrol was set up and over the course of multiple days and engagements, they supported the Militia to push Vail pilots out of the system and keep them out.  They served with distinction again and have once again split up to pursue their own endeavors.

Since then, the Hammerheads have switched their focus away from being small fighters and being more general purpose. The Hammerheads have been involved in multiple Military Militia Campaigns and have been a steadfast presence throughout it's history.

Wing info

Name: Military Militia
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Game mode: Any
Game style: Mixed
Platforms: Xbox
Language: ---

Wing commander: MiL1TiA SiX
Members: 118
Ships: 324
Supporters: 4

Average combat rank: Competent
Average trade rank: Merchant
Average exploration rank: Surveyor

In coalition with: