Wing lore/history

In the beginning...

The Federal Reclamation Co. began as a collective conglomerate of companies which banded together in order to create a unified Federal force. They combine trade, finance, combat prowess, and the ability to source enormous influence in an effort to reclaim and resettle faltering economies and non-Federal systems for the Federation.

Based in Delkar; a small but successful Federal system. Several small corporate security firms are based here, offering data encryption consultancy services and private communication support.[ol]

FRC Roughnecks history

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Formed on the first day of the year 3303 as a direct response to the mobilization of the FRC Naval Fleet the Roughneck division ensures new pilots receive training and combat experience in preparation for the inevitable conflict ahead.

Our Mission
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Early intelligence data shared throughout the Federation indicates an old threat to the galaxy and the survival of mankind has showed itself once more and this time the Roughnecks will be ready and waiting.

Service Guarantees Citizenship
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Earn your wings by completing missions for the Federal Reclamation Company at any of the stations or bases within the Delkar system and earn your place in the FRC Naval Fleet.

FRPD Systems Patrol history

Welcome to the FRPD Systems Patrol

"Lets get you sorted out.
Well, Officer here is your Badge.

The FRPD Systems Patrol was created to provide safety to the people living in and travelling through FRC controlled systems. Tasked with going where the Federal Security Services cannot or will not go, FRPD Officers patrol hazardous resources extraction sites, and pursue criminals into Super Cruise and out of FRC space if need be. FRPD Officers can be recognized by their FRPD prefix on their ship names and the Ship ID of POLICE.

While you are on duty, set your Ship ID to POLICE, and add the FRPD prefix to your ship name. Be sure your cruiser vessel is painted in an Police appropriate color (Blue, White, Khaki, Yellow, or Black), and be prepared with your Badge number, in case anyone asks for it. If you fail to produce your Badge number on demand you will be considered to be, at best off-duty or worse a spy and a traitor to the Federation! Individual flights have been given Operational Spheres of Responsibility or OSR's for short. Patrols should be conducted in your OSRs as required and response to calls for aid from your OSR's should be given highest priority.

Contact the Squadron Commander for more information.

Squadron Doctrine
Squadron Doctrine in conflicts is based on an incident response format outlined in the 21st century. Patrol Wings range from Single Resources (CMDR and ship) to Flights (up to 4 ships of various types). These various resources are pooled into a Squadron under the command of a Squadron Commander (SC). Groups of Squadrons are organized into a Wing under the Command of a Wing Commander (WC).

Flight Wing Organization

-A member of a Flight will fill one of 3 possible roles, Flight Commander (FC), Fast Mover (FM) or Flight Anchor (FA).

- FC's coordinate all Flight tactics in accordance with Command Strategy. FC's are encouraged to make use of any and all tactics to accomplish Command strategies (There will be no hand holding or order barking from Command).

- FMs are the backbone of any Flight and are the straight-up fighters of the FRC. FMs follow their FCs lead and engage/disengage targets.  

- FAs act as FMs except they will leave the Flight wing when required in order to anchor other Flight Wings into the conflict zone (CZ). FAs receive additional training in their essential duties and as such are a Flights 2nd in command. Essential communications to Command will be through the FC or in his absence the FA.

Flight Communications

-Clear concise comms are necessary in any high stress scenario. During these situations knowing who to talk to and through what channels is key.

-Flight Commanders will maintain communications within their Flights through their dedicated Flight voice channel on Discord.

-Flight Commanders will maintain contact with other Flight leaders, the Squadron and/or Wing Commander through GalNet (in-game) voice communications.

-In this way no one person is responsible for coordinating a large group. Flight Commanders coordinate 3 CMDRs under them; and the Squadron/Wing Commander will be responsible for the Flight Commanders below them. The chain of command is unbroken as the Flight Commanders are in constant communication with each other and their Flight members, but 20+ people aren't talking over each other in high stress situations.

Wing info

Name: Federal Reclamation Co
Allegiance: Federation
Power: Independent
Game mode: Private group (EDC OFFICIAL)
Game style: Mixed
Platforms: Any
Language: ---

Wing commander: Skifton
Members: 100
Ships: 391
Supporters: 0

Average combat rank: Expert
Average trade rank: Broker
Average exploration rank: Trailblazer

In coalition with: