30 Apr 3303
LtCoEnderKing /
Day: 1 GD 215

Log 1: Exploration Starting off in my first system, I took off on a simple transport mission. Upon entering my new system of GD 215, I ran into a beautiful star. It was as if it was collapsing. I had never seen it before.

26 Apr 3303
Case Atriedes /
Quince Tourism Day 3

- Started out with 52mil - Finished at 128mil after ~3 hours of tourism hopping. - Decided to retire at this point - my goals were met. - Sold Orca for 45mil bringing my total to 172mil - Sold passenger compartments in Void to bring me up to 174mil - Flew back to WOLF 1301, at the dive. - Looked for an Anaconda shipyard at discount. - Purchased Anaconda and did some basic outfitting. - Finished...

08 Mar 3303
CB9 Roseyard /
3/8/3303 Time management

Well I fucked up today and didn't get in two loads of cargo before the time they gave me. I found some aged liquor down on a planet grabbed it with my SRV and tried some out last night, needless to say woke up with messages and alarms telling me of my deadline being missed and i look over at my transactions. Now am I not only out nearly $400,000 Cr i have like a 14,000 Cr fine to pay. At least it wasn't...

06 Mar 3303
CB9 Roseyard /
10 days in.....What did i get my self into.

3303 Acihaut/Cuffery Plant 3/6/03. I joined 2/26/03. What the hell did i sign up for. Why did they not give us more training. its been 10 days...10 DAYS and i have seen more then those old guys on my street ever dreamed of. Man all they talked about was Nirvana and how great it was and how the farms were doing and the weather, blah blah blah, get up here in space and come out of jump into a...

26 Feb 3303
DevDevil245 /
#9 and what a surprise

26.2.3303 Absolutely bleeding typical. I load up on rare goods in the Aurelius and make my way from Altair to Quince. I land, hand in the exploration data and sell the goods for a nice hefty profit then head to the mission board. As has been happening lately, I find missions that I'm just not equipped for. A quick glance at passenger missions revealed the station still doesn't trust me yet. Alice,...

24 Feb 3303
Killhunter44 /

Commander Killhunter signing on, Just woke up and are unsure what time it is. The crew and I had a long night, unfortunately we have not had much like with the escape pods. We were only able to grab about 10 or so yesterday, and i feel that it is not enough. However, the bastards that are wanted did pay for their crime's. We have more work to do later once I can get the crew ready to go back out,...

24 Feb 3303
DevDevil245 /

24.2.3303 First off, need to say a big thank you to the Fuel Rats. In particular, CMDRs Flour1te and Atlas Core, who refuelled me with enough to get to the nearest class M star. You're a boon to pilots throughout the galaxy. Either way, been zipping around, moving from Federation to Alliance territory on trade runs and the one thing I've noticed, mainly in the Federation, but also in the Alliance...

21 Feb 3303
DevDevil245 /

21.2.3303 Bast Snake Gin. So good but probably the reason I've got the worst hangover I can remember. Had the typical hangover problems much to Alice's amusement, all due to keeping some for myself after a good trade run. Felt the need to celebrate after being recognised by the pilots federation as both an entrepreneur and trailblazer for efforts in trade and exploration. I distinctly remember...

16 Feb 3303
DevDevil245 /

16.2.3303 Now I get it, now I get why pilots choose to explore the galaxy beyond the bubble. I remembered an invitation from Felicity Farseer had come my way so I headed for Deciat. Turned out she was after Meta-Alloys first. The only place I was sure I could get those ways in Maia, so, off I headed. Only one truly nail biting moment where my fuel got worryingly low after what seemed like a corridor...

15 Feb 3303
DevDevil245 /

15.2.3303 Best way to describe how I'm feeling right now is confused. Basically been running a route starting from Witchhaul, stocked up on some Kobe Beef (about 15 tonnes worth, high society will be happy) to transport for good credits. Making the jump from Witchhaul to Fujin and making my way to Futen station when some prat in a Cobra Mk III interdicted me. Now, it's irritating when it happens,...
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