21 Jun 3303
SiLLie GhiLLie /

Finally!! I have arrived back in LHS 3447! As I jumped out of the cargo hold of the vessel I had been cramped up in for who knows how long, I saw the drunk at the front of the ship. He was hollering so loudly for anyone to hear how he had won the bet with the other pilot. I was not interested in any way of such drabble, so I quickly snuck away out of the docking bay and quickly made my way to the...

17 Jun 3303
SiLLie GhiLLie /
New Beginnings.

I don't know how any of this could have happened. Woke up on some strange planet. My helmet had a slow crack in it, letting in the toxic air of the environment; I could barely contain it with my gloves in time to get underground. Thankfully whoever stranded me here didn't grab anything on my person. Still had my datapad, nevermind the large crack in the screen. What I can remember is fashioning...

14 Jun 3303
Adurnis /
The Return - Commander's Log, 14th June 3303

They are coming. It's been decades, maybe centuries since our last contact, and they're coming back--the first sentient race with which humanity ever had contact. Well, maybe the first sentient race—with how the galaxy's superpowers covered up this return, who knows what else they concealed from us? It is at times like this when humanity learns who we are. Do we turn against each other, leaving each...

06 Jun 3303
BeanBearChags /
Time to Rest

I've just not made it back to Wohler Terminal in Kremainn. I sold off my Cartographics data and made first discoveries on over 100 stellar objects. I made 12.5 million credits from selling my exploration data. My total hyperspace distance has gone from around 8,000 Ly to 20,600 Ly from this trip alone. My exploration rank also increased from Scout (91%) to Pathfinder (13%). I nearly made back what...

06 Jun 3303
BeanBearChags /
The Return Trip

Well, I finally made it to the Cat's Paw Nebula. I took a bit of strange flight path for this trip and it ended up being something like a right triangle, flying out towards a group of nebulas, diagonal to Cat's Paw, and then straight back home. After a couple days of flying, I can get back home and cash in some exploration data. I'm excited to see if I made any new discoveries on my trip and hopefully...

04 Jun 3303
Critical Fierce /
Distress Call from a "Farragut Class Battlecruiser"

Found an unknown distress call after my 6th jump on my journey back home to Sol System, only 2 jumps away. After a quick scan. I was able to identify this source as a "Distress Call". Out of curiosity and mostly a duty since I am part of the Federal Navy Ranks. I jumped in and found that the signal was coming from a ship named "FNV Formidable" a Farragut Class Battlecruiser! And...

04 Jun 3303
BeanBearChags /
The Cat's Paw

Outfitted my recently purchased Asp X for long-range exploration. Max jump range is between 33 and 35 Ly. Initial target for my first true exploration journey was the Cat's Paw Nebula, but I decided to make a detour. The new objective is to head for the North American Nebula and the other nearby nebulas, after that I may either turn back or head deeper toward the core of the galaxy. I want to be the...

30 May 3303
Adurnis /
Mostly Aimless - Commander's Log, 30th May 3303

At this point, I'm struggling to launch my career. More accurately, I'm struggling to want to launch my career. I've got two burgeoning YouTube series (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3Yaahstto7GGavMufOJbyA) waiting to be filmed, voice acted, and edited. All I need to do is start, but this is difficult. I'd much rather wander about the galaxy, collecting materials and accumulating reputation with...

13 May 3303
Mikerophonyx /
Shiplog 5/13/3303 - Engineering and material gathering

CMDR Mikerophonyx signing on. Efforts to gather materials and data for engineering continue. Farming methods found for several key resources will expedite the process. CMDR will clear mats and data from inventory by engineering less-used modules. Missions to undermine the Prismatic Knights, now in Rho Tucanae, are underway and understaffed. CMDR has taken up several missions the cause. Periodic...

06 May 3303
Ranoko02 /
3303 5 May

<START LOG> Well, should've wrote more, mostly I'm out in the black, way out there, enough where most systems are unexplored and unclaimed, yay. I'm on a trip with some wing members, writing this at a stop for the day, We're supposed to regroup tomorrow at these coordinates. Planet I'm on isn't too bad, I might go mining for some more mats tomorrow, I did boost off of a neutron star today....
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